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Ace Combat 7

La verdad Me gustaría felicitar a los desarrolladores que están llevando a cabo este hermoso trabajo ya que no sólo están haciendo una joya, están haciendo una obra maestra para los amantes de esta saga... espero y nos sigan sorprendiendo con sus juegos y claro por qué no darle continuidad a Ace Combat♡😍....

Si gustan pueden darme a conocer lo que piensan al respecto de mi comentario... ya que soy un seguidor de esta hermosa saga desde que era pequeño... me gustaría saber que opinan..😊

9681317632 si gustan mandarme un saludo... mi número personal 😊
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Falken hangars

Thanks to all of you,I know how to get adf-01 falken in ace combat 5
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Ace Combat 5

When do you guys play ace combat 5?
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Rosa Cossette and ISAF are idiots they will learn that Eurasian military are hard core republicans

the royal family of eurusia is going to learn along with the former ISAF are going to that the eurasian military and the most civilian public hate the monarchy to the core and when idiotic enough to go on move in a war and they premeditated it they will be able to over throw it and they will love it and they will also with osean political pressure or military help win a war they already lost and make the ISAf nation admit defeat

i have evidence by two trailer lines and trailer evidence

1 . as long as your here are country will never know peace

2 and she said i do not have a country to call home anymore

i not think her brother wanted the monarchy restored in the first pace and sense she has and elder bother also who hate the idea will be eager to throw monarchy under the bus sense he fought t in the war on the Eurasia side he will love the idea to throw the royalist under the bus and also sense unconstitutional might of been bared acceding the thrown by isaf as a result but this will change because of what happen and her brother who is older ascends the throne

because of global things and causing less violence make the monarchy constitutional and federal allowing to restore the federal military of Eurasia and the loyal to Eurasian royal congress and declares his sister a trator he will kill his dad who disapprove of him fighting in that war and despite ending the war at generals rank and winning all the highest medals was not proud of him and for marrying a common woman from the military basically hell reverse almost was mangnorith marriage which he was angered by he kill his father for being a collaborating trator he might pull the trigger himself and his mother will cheer him on sense she agrees with him call her daughter a disappointment when she dies and her husband dies she will say she can not moring them

and will learn isaf set them up unfairly and trigger there unjust and meaningless war with them and made them loser and villeins despite the being the real villeins and also i think he can not stand how his family was treated at court and they had to hide and where bullied and his eldest might be extremely competent and ruthless officer who wants to rid of the hard core monarchists by ruthless means

to add something i think his father was abusive to any one who did not agree with him his family it was like the first time similer to kare kano in alot of ways that he had a wife and family that loved him and normal loving genuine family life and that i know why he is pissed

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AC5: unsung war

So I recently stumbled uppon this company called Far East Industries. They make patches and other cool AC related stuff. They released a fan made reprint of the book Nagase carried with her in the game. Only problem is they left out the “loading quotes” that you would see in the game. Specifically the ones about Razgriz, witch got me thinking. Were those quotes even part of the novel “A Blue Dove For The Princess”?

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The Ace Combat Assault Horizon multiplayer is still functional?

I do not ask if there are players, only if the servers work. I want to play with some friends, but we have the doubt of whether we can play with each other or not. Because when we try to find games automatically, it does not find any, we do not know if there are no players currently playing, or the servers themselves have been disassembled.

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Anyone knows what this aircraft is?

Looks like the princess is visiting the Sol SQ’s base... I’m thinking about making a page for her majesty’s transport plane, but I’m not sure of its name XD. Is it Kawasaki C-2?
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Ace combat fan has made ALL of his videos private. Anyone know why?
Ace Combat Zero Original Soundtrack - YouTube YouTube
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Ace Combat 5 Belkan SP Colors.

So I beat Ace Combat 5 right, I was expecting to see that I have the Belkan SP colors, I don’t apparently, so I shoot down Ofnir, in Ghosts Of Razgriz again in free missions and i still don’t have it, how do I get Yuktobanian and Belkan Sp Colors.

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What kind of ICBM was used in the Avalon mission in the AС: Infinity?

Did the USEA have access to Russia's nuclear weapons? It seems presumed that yes because it controls a fairly large part of Russia

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Belkan War

Can anyone tell me how long did the belkan war last and the factions that were involved?
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Ace Combat 6 On The PS 3

Anybody else here want AC 6 on PS 3. Hopefully when 7 is released, NAMCO, at least thinks about it. We all know that AC Assault Horizon can’t just be the only Ace Combat game on the PS 3. Ace Combat has always been a Play Station game.....

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Mother Goose One

The 13th music is called Mother Goose One, which was the name of Harling’s C-5 back in AC5!
I guess that’s the Osean Air (Defense) Force One.
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What will happen to the assets made during Ace Combat Infinity?

Sorry if there's already a post where this has been discussed, but what do you all think will happen to the new aircraft and aircraft variants that had new assets created during Ace Combat Infinity? Examples would be the ADA-01B, Mig-35D, ATD-0, R-101, Mig-1.44, etc. Do you think we'll get to use these planes again? This presumes for a moment that licensing issues don't get in the way of course.
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Fanfic novel

How would you guys feel if a fanfiction is penned covering the entire timeline of the ace combat series from a ground prespective?(giving a background of each conflict from the planetfall in 1999 to the Aurelian Leaslath War 2019 and the aftermath)
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Should we continue to mark spoilers on wiki articles?

We started to mark story spoilers on Acepedia's wiki articles when Ace Combat Infinity came out. The only other game release since then (besides Legacy +) is Ace Combat 7, and we've been marking spoilers on every page edited with AC7-related information when news comes out.

However, I'm starting to wonder if this is unnecessary. Other Acepedia members have brought up the possibility of ending the spoiler warnings since "we're on a wiki, spoilers are to be expected."

What do you guys think? Should we stop using spoiler templates, or keep marking pages related to AC7 information as spoilers?
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Really nice to have a pure Chinese with phonetic symbols!

And now Nagase’s out, this is my new girlfriend XD
Too bad there’s no Chinese fighters in the game...
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