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The 767-200 is a commercial passenger aircraft manufactured by Boeing.


Second Usean Continental War

On March 14, 2005, two 767s flown by Air Ixiom Flights 701 and 702 were carrying defectors to ISAF-held territory. Many of the passengers were engineers that worked on Stonehenge, bringing along their families and, most importantly, vital pieces of data related to Stonehenge. Erusea noticed the defection and launched a squadron of fighters to shoot the airliners down. Flight 701 was shot on take-off, injuring the captain and leaving First Officer Nagase to fly the aircraft while keeping it at 6,000 feet to maintain cabin pressure. ISAF sent their ace pilot Mobius 1 to escort the airliners to safety. Despite both airliners flying at different altitudes, he shot down all of the Erusian fighters and both flights landed safely at Los Canas in Chopinburg.[1]



Air Ixiom Flight 702


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