ADFX-01 Morgan

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ADFX-01 Morgan
ADFX-01 Morgan Infinity flyby
Role Fighter (Zero)
Multirole (Infinity)
Variants ADFX-01 -Block1- 1 Star Aircraft
ADFX-01 -Pixy- 4 Star Aircraft
ADFX-02 Morgan
Operators Principality of Belka
Osean Federation
United Nations Forces
USEA Federation
Appearances Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
Ace Combat Infinity
"A prototype fighter created by the UN Forces based on plans from an unspecified country. It can be equipped with powerful weapons such as the "TLS" (Tactical Laser System) and "MPBM" (Multi-Purpose Burst Missiles)."
― Short Description from Ace Combat Infinity

The ADFX-01 Morgan (ADFX-01 モルガン ADFX - 01 Morugan) is an original aircraft introduced in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War and later seen in Ace Combat Infinity.



The ADFX-01 was a fighter aircraft developed in the early 1980s by the South Belka Munitions Factory as a platform for next-generation weapon systems. It was intended to surpass any mass production fighter in performance. The ADFX-01 had a twin in the form of the ADFX-02, which shared its body design and its edge over conventional jets; however, the 02 unit had a reinforced airframe as well as the ability to carry multiple weapons simultaneously.[1]

The ADFX-01 was never deployed in battle by Belka, nor was it one of the technologies stolen by A World With No Boundaries.[1] The plane was later found and confiscated by the former Allied Forces, becoming property of the Osean Federation for the next fifteen years.[2]

In 2011, the jet was flown in an airshow over November City, along with an ADF-01 FALKEN and an X-02 Wyvern, all constructed by Gründer Industries.[2]

Infinity timelineEdit

Plans for developing the ADFX-01 were discovered by the UNF in the USEA Federation during Operation Eternal Liberation. USEA had not completed a model by the time the plans were seized. The UNF used these plans to create their own line of ADFX-01s, beginning with the prototype ADFX-01 -Block1- 1 Star Aircraft. This prototype was awarded to some mercenaries operating with the UNF for testing in combat.[3]

After successful tests, the UNF greenlit mass production of the base model. This model was far more powerful than the Block1 model, incorporating more TLS shots as well as the Multi-Purpose Burst Missile. Additionally, all of its stats are superior to the Block1.

Later in the war, the USEA Federation managed to complete an unspecified number of Morgans during the conflict. A squadron of these aircraft were deployed to protect the descent of SOLG -Lexell- in Tokyo. UNF air squadrons that were deployed in the area to destroy the falling satellite were given an additional task to destroy all of the Morgans. In this engagement, SOLG -Lexell- was destroyed and all of the Morgans were shot down. The models completed by USEA Federation were more advanced compared to the UNF models, greatly resembling the ADFX-02 in Strangereal. All of the Morgans were capable of carrying both the Tactical Laser System and the Multi-Purpose Burst Missile. Additionally, the TLS pods have the swiveling lens upgrade just like the pods seen on-board the MQ-90L Quoxes. These models, however, lacked the heavier armor and advanced ECM system that were present on ADFX-02. Currently, it is unknown if USEA Federation still have any more Morgan in their inventory.

Game AnalysisEdit

Ace Combat InfinityEdit

"A prototype fighter created by the UN Forces based on plans from an unspecified country. It is classified as a supreme aircraft within the 4.5th generation of fighter aircraft and can be equipped with powerful weapons such as the "TLS" (Tactical Laser System) and "MPBM" (Multi-Purpose Burst Missiles). It features forward-swept wings and canards resulting in high maneuverability despite its size as a large scale aircraft. However, during the golden age of stealth aircraft, the ADFX-01 Morgan failed to prove its worth and has remained a prototype ever since. Its codename is "Morgan," a reference to a fairy from the King Arthur legends."

How to Unlock

The ADFX-01 Morgan is available on the Aircraft Tree.
Lv.1 775 C+ C C+ B C+ D 688,800
Lv.2 821 C+ C+ B B C+ D 59,700
Lv.3 867 B C+ B B C+ C 105,620
Lv.4 913 B+ B B+ B+ B C+ 137,760
Lv.5 959 A B A A B B 196,310
Lv.6 1005 A B+ A A B+ B+ 585,480
Lv.7 1051 A+ A A A B+ A 406,400
Lv.8 1097 A+ A A A+ B+ A+ 578,600
Lv.9 1143 S A+ A+ A+ A S 803,600
Lv.10 1189 S A+ A+ A+ A S+ 1,148,000
Total Credit Price from Lv.0 to Lv.10 4,710,270
Lv.1 333 132 3 N/A [4] N/A [5]
Lv.2 416 134 4
Lv.3 499 136 5
Lv.4 582 138 6 1
Lv.5 666 140 7 2
Lv.6 707 142 8 3
Lv.7 748 144 9 4 7
Lv.8 789 146 10 5 8
Lv.9 830 148 11 6 9
Lv.10 872 150 12 7 10

Part Slots

Lv.1-5 34 34 34
Lv.6-10 36 36 36
Upgrading this aircraft to these levels will unlock the respective nicknames for use at any time.
Level Nickname
Lv.3 Wicked Pixy
Lv.10 Warbird


  • Default: Black with grey trim


Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan WarEdit

"Developed from an experimental aircraft of the South Belka National Weapons Plant, this all-weather multi-purpose aircraft's attack and defensive capabilities far exceed that of any other fighter."

How to Unlock

A player must complete the campaign of Ace Combat Zero three times, each time ending with a different Ace Style (Mercenary, Soldier, Knight). This doesn't have to be consecutive, and difficulty does not play a factor.


Speed: Mid-High
Air-to-Air: High
Air-to-Ground: High
Mobility: Mid-High
Stability: Medium
Defense: Mid-High

Special Weapons


  • Standard: Light red, codenamed "Coppertone"
  • Mercenary: Multi-tone blue camouflage pattern, codenamed "Luft-T3"
  • Soldier: Black, codenamed "Sperber"
  • Knight: Reflective gold
  • Special: Larry Foulke livery; ghost white body with a red right wing. Unlocked by completing the game on Expert difficulty.




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