ADFX-01 Morgan

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ADFX-01 Morgan
ADFX-01 Morgan Infinity
Technical Information
Aircraft Role Fighter (Zero)
Multirole (Infinity)
Variants ADFX-02 Morgan
Historical Information
Operators Principality of Belka (non-combat)
Osean Federation (airshow)
Real-World Information
Manufacturers South Belka Munitions Factory
Appearances Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War
Ace Combat Infinity

The ADFX-01 Morgan (ADFX-01 モルガン ADFX - 01 Morugan) is an original aircraft introduced in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.


Strangereal timelineEdit

The ADFX-01 was a fighter aircraft developed in the early 1980s by the South Belka Munitions Factory as a platform for next-generation jet weapon systems. It was intended to surpass any mass production fighter in performance. The ADFX-01 had a twin in the form of the ADFX-02, which shared its Sukhoi-like body design and its edge over convention jets; however, the 01 unit lacked the 02 unit's reinforced airframe and ability to carry multiple weapons simultaneously.[1]

In 2011, the jet was flown in an airshow over November City, along with an ADF-01 FALKEN and an X-02 Wyvern, all constructed by Gründer Industries.[2]

Infinity timelineEdit

In the Infinity timeline, the ADFX-01 was developed under unknown circumstances by an unidentified manufacturer.[3]

General AnalysisEdit

The ADFX-01 is a very agile aircraft, with high statistics in speed and mobility. Its weapon payloads, as well as being able to carry the Tactical Laser System and Multi-Purpose Burst Missiles, lead to an almost-maximum rating for air-to-air and air-to-ground performance. It also boasts a large amount of defense, but the Morgan's weak spot is in its stability. While listed as a fighter in Ace Combat Zero, it is more accurately classified as a multirole with its mixed capabilities and special weapons.

Game AnalysisEdit

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan WarEdit


Developed from an experimental aircraft of the South Belka National Weapons Plant, this all-weather multi-purpose aircraft's attack and defensive capabilities far exceed that of any other fighter.


The ADFX-01's construction never deployed in battle by Belka, nor was it one of the technologies stolen by A World With No Boundaries.[1] The plane was later found and confiscated by the former Allied Forces, becoming property of the Osean Federation for the next fifteen years.[2]


Speed: Mid-High
Air-to-Air: High
Air-to-Ground: High
Mobility: Mid-High
Stability: Medium
Defense: Mid-High

Special Weapons


  • Standard: Light red, codenamed "Coppertone"
  • Mercenary: Multi-tone blue camouflage pattern, codenamed "Luft-T3"
  • Soldier: Black, codenamed "Sperber"
  • Knight: Reflective gold
  • Special: Chrome black
  • Wingman: Larry Foulke livery; ghost white body with a red right wing


Ace Combat InfinityEdit

More details are pending the game's release.

Special Weapons


  • Standard: Gray body with yellow outlines




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