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ADFX-01 Morgan with TLS
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The ADFX-01 Morgan (ADFX-01 モルガン ADFX - 01 Morugan) is an original fighter aircraft introduced in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.

Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan WarEdit

"Developed from an experimental aircraft of the South Belka National Munitions Plant, this all weather multi-purpose aircraft's attack and defensive capabilities far exceed those of normal aircraft."
― In-game description

The ADFX-01 differs from the ADFX-02 because the ADFX-02 is better in terms of performance than the ADFX-01. The player can not use the ADFX-02, as this model of the plane is used by Larry Foulke, callsign "Pixy," in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.

It can be unlocked by finishing Campaign mode thrice with all three ace styles (Mercenary, Soldier and Knight.)

The Morgan, in terms of performance, is one of the most effective aircraft in Ace Combat Zero. Its large engines allow it to achieve speeds exceeding Mach 2 in a few seconds, while the aircraft's large build provides high defense.

Paint schemesEdit

The ADFX-01 has six available paint schemes. Some colors have been given official names by the "ACES AT WAR: A History" artbook.

  • Standard: "Coppertone"-type light red. Shared with the ADF-01 FALKEN.
  • Mercenary: "Luft-T3" lightning/navy blue camouflage.
  • Soldier: "Sperber" black.
  • Knight: Deep gold.
  • Special: Chrome black.
  • Wingman: Ghost white with blood red right wing.


The Morgan can be equiped with a variety of weapons. The weapons that are usable in game are:

  • 20mm Vulcan cannon
  • AIM-9 Sidwinder missiles
  • The Tactical Laser System, codename "Zoisite" is the predecessor of the variant employed by the ADF-01 FALKEN . Unlike its advanced successor, the Zoisite version takes the form of a bulky weapon pod mounted in the Morgan's upper midsection. The weapon works under a limit of 7-G. The ADFX-01s TLS requires the pilot's concentration to steer the plane and the TLS onto the target, akin to the ADF-01.
  • The Multi-Purpose Burst Missile, codename "Hyperstene" is an scaled down ballistic missile, modified specially for the ADFX models. Being larger than a normal missile, it uses polynitrogen to produce a massive explosion upon impact. However, the substance is very unstable, forcing its creators to reduce the weapon's power to a tenth of its original strength. It was the predecessor of the Yuktobanian Burst Missile used by the Scinfaxi class submarines.
  • The Electronic Counter Measure Pod, codename "Morganite" is an special electronic defense system which disables enemy missile tracking. As well, the weapon is capable of generating a field which renders the aircraft invincible to nearly all attacks, simply ignoring missile impacts and deflecting incoming bullets.


  • The Morgan's cannon is one of the most silent in the entire game.
  • Ace Combat Zero is the only apperance the Morgan makes in the entire series.

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