"Even after the darkest nights, morning always comes."
― Ghost Eye to Talisman.

Ghost Eye was the Emmerian AWACS of various Emmerian air, ground & sea forces, mainly dispatched to Garuda Team. [1]


Ghost Eye took part in the Emmeria-Estovakia War. During the invasion of Gracemeria, he was in charge of all Emmerian aircraft defending the city. He relayed the retreat order to the pilots due to the attack of the Estovakian Aerial Fleet and the Nimbus missile, wiping out half of the Emmerian forces in Gracemeria, ordering them to fall back to Khesed Island. Though many of the pilots were relunctant, They were persuaded to follow the order and head for the rendezvous point.

Ghost Eye then became the only AWACS for the main Emmerian force that had retreated to Khesed. He helped the Emmerian Air Force stop B-52H Stratofortress bombers from destroying Campagna Airport, supervised the counterattack on Sipli Field and directed Emmerian forces attacking Mount Marcello. He then lead Emmerian forces as they invaded Rargom Beach and the near-by city of Ortara to establish a foothold on mainland Anea.

When Garuda Team was sent to assist Emmerian forces fighting off the Estovakian siege at Silvat Town, Ghost Eye oversaw the operation. He commanded the Emmerian aircraft escorting Republic of Emmeria Army units moving through Selumna Peak and later commanded them as they attacked San Loma. He then was in charge of the attack on the Estovakian Aerial Fleet. After its destruction, he led the forces attacking Ragno Fortress.

The next target for Emmeria was the Moloch Desert, Estovakia's last line of defense before Gracemeria. However, just as Emmerian forces were on the verge of winning, Ghost Eye stated that he was receiving an emergency message. Analyzing, he started yelling at Emmerian forces to cease fire and retreat immediately. He ordered them to get out of the area. However, Shamrock refused to follow the order, due to the fact that his wife and daughter lived in Gracemeria, and he wanted to get back since the start of the war. Ghost Eye tried to get Shamrock to follow the order, but Shamrock stubbornly refused and stayed behind to fight with the newly arrived members of Strigon Team. Unable to leave his wingman, Talisman was forced to stay as well. After they had shot down all of the Strigon pilots, Ghost Eye warned Garuda of any penalties they were going to face due to their disobedience.

As the location of the WMD's location at Fort Norton was discovered & Garuda Team chosen to neutralize the threat, Ghost Eye then supervised them once again. After they had destroyed it, Garuda Team was intercepted by a large formation of aircraft, which included electronic warfare aircraft. Ghost Eye called other Emmerian fighter pilots to come back them up, and, with their help, the Estovakian Air Force planes were all shot down.

Emmerian forces commenced the attack on Gracemeria, this time coordinating the invasion, instead of the defense. After Gracemeria was recaptured by the Emmerians, he told them the war was over, which most Emmerians seemed to believe.

That night, he commanded the air patrols around the city, and was the first to detect the high speed unidentified flying objects which turned out to be some form of capsule carrying cruise missiles. He then overlooked the defense of the city. With his help, the Emmerian forces were able to locate the position of Chandelier, the weapons' source.

Talisman Ghost Eye Sunrise

Ghost Eye with Talisman

After that, Ghost Eye lead the Emmerian Air Forces into the final battle of the war, and the only battle to take place in Estovakian territory, the attack on the Chandelier. As Emmerian aircraft approached, he and the other pilots picked up on the radio transmissions from Melissa Herman and her daughter Matilda Herman. Though he initially thought they were trying to disrupt their attack, Shamrock was able to convince him to listen to her. Melissa then sent Ghost Eye the blueprints for the Chandelier, which he forwarded to the Emmerian pilots.

After all of the main cooling units of the railgun were destroyed, Shamrock flew into the gun's loading trench on a recon mission. As soon as Ghost Eye got the needed data, he ordered Shamrock to pull up. Shamrock got out of the trench, but the heavy AAA around it had shattered his plane. After Shamrock's aircraft exploded, Ghost Eye was shocked & tried to get any response, but unsuccessful.

Talisman and Ghost Eye

Ghost Eye after the battle of Sonne Island

After Talisman had flown through the trench and destroyed the back-up cooling unit, the gun's barrel opened up. At the very back of the barrel was the core, which could only be destroyed by flying into the barrel of the gun. Ghost Eye, knowing he couldn't order anyone to do that, entrusted Talisman to carry out the final blow, the latter successfully destroying the core and flying out of the back of the gun. After the Chandelier's destruction, Ghost Eye praised him and all who gave their lives during the war, glad to see that it was finally over, returning home in victory. [1]



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