Abyssal Dision (アビサル・ディジョン - Katakana: Abisaru Dijon) is a character featured in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere. Born in Usea in 1997, he was a pilot of the General Resource Defense Force, flying several successful sorties for the group in the past. He was one of the first known test subjects of General Resource's sublimation project, and is later revealed to be the main antagonist of the JP version.


In 2018, Dision finished his academy in Sandbury Defense College, organized by General Resources Limited He graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering. Then he joined up with General Resource Defense Force on September soon after his graduation. During his time with GRDF, he was designated as Ace pilot after successfully carrying out missions he was assigned to in outstanding result, including his service of suppressing terrorist operation in 2026.
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In the year 2030, it was believed that Dision was in GR's experimental research, known as 'DOE' (Darkness of Enigma), a military project led by a woman that he loved, Yoko Inoue. Dision and Youko were experimenting with transferring personalities onto the Electrosphere, a process termed as Sublimation, when an unknown military group decided to bomb the research lab, just after Dision's personality was downloaded onto the electrosphere. It seems as if the AI Dision does not seem to recognize himself and seems heartbroken that she is with another man. Utterly failing at warning them, the bomb explodes, razing the lab to the ground and killing Youko and the real Dision. AI Dision is completely helpless to do anything but watch the burning wreckage from a security camera in the distance.

In the same year, Dision was recognized that he met a 9-year-old girl that possessed fascinate ability in piloting, especially using COFFIN system. Later, he invited this girl, known as Rena Hirose, to participate GR's power development project, before she joined UPEO 7 years later, in 2037.

Dision was a military partner of Keith Bryan, who graduated from the same college in Sandbury Desert. During the war, they were seen to have some flight and combat trainings with UPEO'S pilots. But later on, he defected from the GRDF and was found out that he was the primary leader of a terrorist organization, called Ouroboros. He was alleged that he had led the organization for a long time, and later he was revealed he was an 'Artificial Intelligence' copy of the original Dision that had the ability to hack another AI program that flew aircraft through COFFIN system - similar to that of Nemo's. His presence as AI programmed pilot was the result of sublimation back in 2030.

Dision successfully lured a selection of key players in the war (one of which was Cynthia, a NEU Ace Pilot) into signing up for the Sublimation project, to "experience a world unlimited by the boundaries of flesh". To try and convince Rena into flying the Night Raven for him, he first promised her an explanation to her past and the Night Raven project. Failing to convert her to Ouroboros, he attempted to use her ENSI connection to corrupt her memory.

In the Corporate War, the AI Dision will die regardless of the path Nemo chooses.

In other games

Ace Combat: Joint Assault

Abyssal Dision makes a cameo in Ace Combat: Joint Assault. He is the 8th Ace Combat ace fought in the mission. He flies an F-15S/MTD in combat, alluding to the original Eagle+.



  • Abyssal Dision is the first Ace Combat 3 character to be featured as a cameo in another game of the series.

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