This is a list of the named ace pilots featured in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.

Named aces

# In-game name Callsign Aircraft Mission
01. Hawk Gigantor Gigantor BAE Hawk T1 01
Appears above the third wave of enemies if the first two are defeated exclusively by the player.
02. F-14 Zipang Zipang F-14D Super Tomcat 03
Appears from the west after all aircraft are destroyed.
03. F-4G Mindripper Mindripper F-4G Wild Weasel 04
Appears from the north in the first part of the mission (before Grimm takes off) after some F-4s and B-1Bs are destroyed.
04. MIR-2000D Zaharada Zaharada Mirage 2000D 06
Appears from the east after some F-16Cs and F-20As are destroyed.
05. EA-6B Dune Dune EA-6B Prowler 10
Appears in the south-eastern corner of the map after all E-767 jammers and some other targets are destroyed and 8492nd Squadron interferes the transmission.
06. X-29A Daredevil Daredevil X-29A 15
Appears nearby after the E-767 jammer is destroyed.
07. MIG-31M Cosm Cosm MiG-31M Foxhound 16A
Appears together with the final wave of KC-10s and E-767s.
08. EA-18G Abelcain Abelcain EA-18G Growler 16B
Appears with the third wave of the air escorts after the battleship arrives and the A-10A and the Tornado GR.4 are destroyed.
09. FB-22 Proteus Proteus FB-22 17
Appears in the south-eastern region of the map after Chopper crashes.
10. F-2A Cypher Cypher F-2A Viper Zero 18
Appears north-west of Cruik Fortress after all other planes are destroyed.
11. TND-ECR Twicedead Twicedead Tornado ECR 18+
Appears in the south-eastern corner of the map after most of the enemies are destroyed.
12. MIG-21-93 Swordkill Swordkill MiG-21-93 Fishbed 23
Appears around eastern starting point after about a half of the enemy helicopters and gunboats are destroyed.
13. YA-10B Distantthunder Distantthunder YA-10B 25
Appears in the north-western region of the map when the Grabacr Squadron appears the over airport. His callsign may be a reference to Ace Combat 04, which was subtitled "Distant Thunder" for the European (PAL) release.
14. Rafale B Decoder Decoder Rafale B 26
Appears ahead after all naval targets are destroyed.
15. SU-37 Yellow Yellow Su-37 Terminator 27
Appears during the Tunnel Flight alongside the final pair of Su-37s if nearly all hostiles have been destroyed at the tunnel entrance earlier.
16. MIG-1.44 Replicator Replicator MiG-1.44 Flatpack 27+
Appears in the eastern region of the map if the Grabacr and Ofnir Squadrons are destroyed before the SOLG timer reaches 1:00.


  • The name and livery born by the ace Cosm are a reference to the "Koch snowflake", a fractal curve conceived by Swedish mathematician Helge von Koch.

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