AC5 OST Cover

Soundtrack cover

The Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. It was commercially released by King Records in December 22, 2004 under the catalog code KICA-1346~9 at the price of 3,990 yen.

The soundtrack features many signature composers of the Namco Sound Team, including Tetsukazu Nakanishi, Keiki Kobayashi and Hiroshi Okubo, while also introducing new assets, such as Junichi Nakatsuru, Katsuro Tajima and the ACE COMBAT 5 Chorus Team. It contains varied music genres, shifting between techno-orchestral compositions, electro-rock and fully orchestrated cutscene music, setting the mood for the game's plot. The Unsung War is notable for being the first game in history to involve the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as for being the first to include licensed music, featuring Puddle of Mudd's "Blurry", which is used as the game's title theme. The soundtrack as a whole took Namco 3 years of development, making it the largest and most expensive soundtrack in the company's history.

Track listing

Disc 1

The first disc centers on the game's first half.

  1. Title
  2. Briefing 1
  3. Hangar 1
  4. Shorebirds
  5. Open War “”Theme Of Open The War”"
  6. Wardog
  7. Naval Blockade
  8. First Flight (Arranged ACE COMBAT 04 “”Blockade”")
  9. Rendezvous
  10. Ballistic Missile
  11. White Bird (Part I)
  12. Front Line
  13. Scinfaxi
  14. Mother Goose 1
  15. Lit Fuse
  16. Blind Spot
  17. 8492
  18. Chain Reaction
  19. Reprisal
  20. Powder Keg
  21. Game Over
  22. Shop

Disc 2

This disc mostly centers on the events from mission #13 through #20.

  1. Menu
  2. Four Horsemen
  3. Demons Of Razgriz
  4. Hrimfaxi
  5. Ice Cage
  6. White Noise
  7. Desert Arrow
  8. Desert Lightning
  9. Free Flight
  10. Supercircus
  11. Into The Dusk
  12. Fortress
  13. Mask
  14. Final Option
  15. Ancient Walls
  16. Failed Game Over
  17. Result
  18. Tutorial Main
  19. Tutorial Menu
  20. Tutorial Result

Disc 3

The third disc centers on the events of the plot from mission #21 to the game's climax and closing in mission #27+, "The Unsung War".

  1. Briefing 2
  2. Hangar 2
  3. Solitaire
  4. Closure
  5. Ghosts Of Razgriz
  6. White Bird (Part II)
  7. Heartbreak One
  8. Grabacr
  9. The Journey Home (On Radio)
  10. Wings Of Unity
  11. Dead Ahead
  12. Winter Storm
  13. The Unsung War
  14. The Journey Home / The Warsaw Philharmonic (unused in-game)
  15. Razgriz / The Warsaw Philharmonic (unused in-game)

Disc 4

The final disc contains the music from Operation Katina (Arcade Mode), alongside most of the game's cutscene compositions, including "Blurry" and a remix of Stephanie Cooke's "Blue Skies", the credits theme of Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies.

  1. Arcade Title
  2. Arcade Menu
  3. Arcade Stage Select
  4. Arcade Briefing
  5. Arcade Ripping Air
  6. Arcade Knock You Down (Arranged ACE COMBAT 2 "Elemental Particle"
  7. Arcade Elemental Particle 2
  8. Arcade Broken Skies
  9. Arcade Catch The Lightning
  10. Arcade Riding High
  11. Arcade Do or Die
  12. Arcade Consequence
  13. Arcade Game Over
  14. Arcade Clear
  15. Arcade Victory Road
  16. Blue Skies (remix)
  17. Razgriz “”ACE COMBAT 5 Main Theme”"
  18. Open The War
  19. Sand Island
  20. The Following Morning
  21. 15 Years Ago
  22. A Blue Dove For The Princess “”Nagase’s Theme”"
  23. OSEA
  24. Blind Corridor
  25. Fugitive Hope
  26. New Emblem
  27. President Harling
  28. SOLG
  29. Battleships Uprising
  30. Final Launch
  31. Hope For Freedom
  32. Unsung Heroes
  33. Peace (Epilogue)
  34. The Journey Home “”ACE COMBAT 5 Ending Theme”"



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