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"Soon there will be no one gripping a control stick and taking to the skies."
Our Science: Era of the Drones[8]

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown[8][9] (エースコンバット7 スカイズ・アンノウン) is the upcoming 17th entry in the Ace Combat series. It will release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam in 2018.[1][2] The game will also feature optional VR support, exclusively through the PlayStation VR.[4]

Ace Combat 7 was initially revealed through an Ace Combat Infinity data leak in November 2015. Official trailers were later shown during PlayStation Experience 2015 and 2016, and an extended version of the PSX 2016 trailer was released in late January 2017.[8] The game was originally scheduled to release in 2017, but this was pushed back to 2018.[1][2] A new trailer[10] and demo were shown at E3 2017.[1]



Main article: Osea-Erusea Conflict

Around 2020,[11] the country of Erusea - which had reformed into a Kingdom - declared war on the Osean Federation for unknown reasons.[8] Prior to this, a space elevator was constructed southwest of Usea, which will have significance in the conflict.[12] The space elevator is defended by aerial warships, designated "FAS", that carry 80 MQ-101 UAVs.[13]

The game's story cutscenes will be from the perspective of multiple characters, similar in a way to Ace Combat 04's cutscenes that were from the perspective of the Side Story Narrator. The theme of "comparison" (between manned and unmanned, veterans and rookies, etc.) will be central to the plot.[11]


This list will be incomplete until the release of the game. See Category:Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown characters for all characters added to the wiki.


Core Mechanics

Ace Combat 7 Cockpit HUD

Cockpit of an F-15C Eagle (indicator at bottom-right incorrectly shows an F/A-18F model) during a dogfight with an Su-30SM

Ace Combat 7's flight model and controls will feel most similar to Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War and Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War.[14] The HUD will be very similar to that of Ace Combat Infinity. In addition, flares will be returning for player control from Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.[8]

Clouds will play a major role in gameplay for the first time in the series. Units inside of clouds, including the player, will gain stealth. However, visibility is poor inside clouds, and the player will risk crashing into other aircraft or the terrain. It has also been reported that the player's aircraft will ice and stall if they stay in cloud cover for too long.[15]

Producer Kazutoki Kono stated that other important aspects of Ace Combat 7's gameplay will include allowing players to manually perform advanced maneuvers as well as "improving strategic aspects against enemies".[16]

Unlike Assault Horizon and Infinity, helicopters and Piston Fighters will not make an appearance in 7; the game will focus solely on jet aircraft.[17]

Virtual Reality

VR Demo Takeoff Cockpit 2

Cockpit of an F/A-18F Super Hornet prior to takeoff in a PS VR demo

Ace Combat 7 will feature optional[7] virtual reality support, exclusive to the PlayStation VR headset on PlayStation 4.[4] The VR portion of the game will be an exclusive set of missions separate from the main campaign. The VR missions will not be playable without PlayStation VR; conversely, the main missions will not be playable in VR. In addition, VR will sacrifice some visual detail to maintain the required 60 frames per second.[6]

When playing in VR, the player will be forced into cockpit mode; first-person and third-person are not available.[14] The player must turn their head to look at an enemy in order to lock on to them, at which point they can fire missiles as usual.[18] Holding down the Options button will recalibrate the headset.[19] The HUD elements - radar, ammo, time limit, etc. - will be moved to the bottom of the screen and made semi-transparent. The player will be able to look down and see the entire cockpit, including the pilot's legs. The pilot will interact with the plane's controls, despite the player holding a Dualshock controller.[14]


Trailers & Interviews


Also see Category:Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown for all Ace Combat 7 screenshots uploaded to Acepedia!


  • Ace Combat 7 will be the first...
  • Project Aces was not initially certain on having a subtitle for Ace Combat 7.[16] On December 6, 2016, the Skies Unknown subtitle was leaked.[9] It was formally announced on January 26, 2017.[8]
  • Immediately prior to the Ace Combat 7 announcement trailer's first airing, Asad Qizilbash, head of Software Marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America, described "staying up all night to unlock this easter egg, it was a FALKEN fighter", referencing Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War.
  • On November 15, 2014, Bandai Namco producer Katsuhiro Harada (producer of the Tekken series) stated that Ace Combat would never get VR support due to the "horizontal" being "shaken violently" as if one was drunk.[23] The fact that Ace Combat 7 supports PlayStation VR shows a shift in Bandai Namco's acceptance of virtual reality for those who can physically tolerate the technology.


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