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This is an informational page designed for parents regarding Ace Combat (a series of popular video games for various devices) and Acepedia (the largest encyclopedia for the series, where you're reading this right now).

The Ace Combat games have almost consistently received outstanding reviews from both critics and gamers, and they are considered to be the best arcade/action/flight simulator games of all time. The games usually involve the player controlling an anonymous and mute pilot as they single-handedly turn the tide in a war with just their flying abilities.

Acepedia strives to be the number-one encyclopedia for everything related to Ace Combat. Every day, our members make contributions to various articles on many subjects in the Ace Combat universe, and we're constantly improving. We treat all of our members equally and fairly, and hope to create a welcoming community of players who all enjoy the Ace Combat games.

For more information on what Ace Combat and Acepedia are, continue reading.

Ace Combat

General Info

Titles: The Ace Combat games feature a variety of titles. Basic details on all of the games can be found at our Ace Combat page by clicking here. Please be aware that some games published prior to 2006 may have different names depending on your region.
Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment publishes all Ace Combat games. They have also published the games under older names: Bandai Namco Games, Namco Bandai Games, and simply Namco.
Description: Ace Combat is a series of video games in which the player controls an aircraft and shoots down other aircraft or destroys ground units, using a variety of weapons such as missiles and bombs. The player is usually depicted by AI as a rookie pilot at the start of the game, with their skills increasing as the game goes on, eventually becoming a legend. The series has its roots in arcade games, but officially started with the release of Air Combat on the PlayStation in 1995.
Similar Games: Comparisons are usually made between Ace Combat and Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X, between which Ace Combat has proven far more successful.
Genres: Ace Combat is classified within the "Action", "Arcade", and "Combat flight simulator" genres of video games.
Playthrough Length: The amount of time it takes to complete an Ace Combat game varies greatly depending on the game, the difficulty that the player selected, and the individual skill of the player. Playing any one game's story straight through from beginning to end could take anywhere from less than an hour to a few hours.
Difficulty: Almost all Ace Combat games feature a difficulty setting. Players can choose from a variety of options ranging from Easy to Hard, as well as even harder difficulties like Ace. This affects how advanced the enemy AI will be, among other things. See our page on the difficulty setting for more information.
Security Concerns: Players cannot use Ace Combat games to hack other players, and the games do not threaten the integrity of a game console or computer. There are no security concerns with Ace Combat games.


Online Multiplayer: The following games feature online multiplayer, in which players can shoot down each other or work together to take down common AI enemies:
Local Multiplayer: The following games feature local multiplayer, in which players can use the same console to shoot down each other or work together to take down common AI enemies:
Voice Chat: Voice chat is available in the following games, but can be disabled:
Age of Community: The Ace Combat series is typically enjoyed by gamers of at least 13 years of age, with no upper limit.
Community Attitude: Regrettably, the attitude of the online Ace Combat community is generally hostile and often immature, especially against new players. It is highly suggested to turn off voice chat in the games that feature them and to proceed with caution within fan communities on the internet. Acepedia strives to be a welcoming and safe community for our users, but we cannot guarantee the same experience elsewhere.


ESRB Ratings: The Ace Combat games have received the Everyone, Everyone 10+, and Teen ratings from the ESRB. Each game should be checked for its specific rating. The games released prior to 2001 do not feature an ESRB rating, but would not receive a rating higher than E10+.
PEGI Ratings: The Ace Combat games have received the 3, 7, 12, and 16 ratings from PEGI. Each game should be checked for its specific rating. Some games do not feature a PEGI rating, but those games would not earn a rating higher than 12.
ACB Ratings: The Ace Combat games have received the General and Parental Guidance ratings from the ACB. Most games do not feature an ACB rating, but those games would not earn a rating higher than PG.
Content Labels: The Ace Combat games are typically assigned the "Mild Violence", "Animated Violence", and "Bad Language" content labels. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon exclusively features the "Alcohol Reference", "Blood", and "Mild Suggestive Themes" content labels.


Violence: This content advisory is very common across the series. Ace Combat games feature weapons, explosions, and killing, although all of this is usually aircraft-related. Close-up violence between actual characters, such as someone shooting a gun at someone else, is rare in the series. Violence is never gruesome, and there is no gore. Blood is only shown in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.
Language: The series also features a heavy amount of language, but nothing that would constitute an 18-only rating. Common vulgar phrases include "God damn it", "crap", "bastard", and "son of a bitch" (sometimes abbreviated as S.O.B.). Ace Combat: Assault Horizon exclusively uses the words "sh*t" and "a**hole". Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown uses the phrase "d*cking around" in its latest trailer. It should be noted that other players on voice chat and the internet are uninhibited concerning profane language, and will use these phrases much more often.
Sexual Themes and Nudity: Nudity has never been shown in Ace Combat. A promotional poster and one aircraft design featuring a woman in a bikini are the closest the series has come to nudity. Light sexual jokes are made during in-game conversation in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.
Drugs and Alcohol: Alcohol has been mentioned very lightly in passing conversation between pilots, but it has never actually been depicted on-screen. Drugs have never been mentioned or seen in Ace Combat.
Crude Humor or Comic Mischief: Ace Combat has never featured crude humor or comic mischief.


Subscription: There are no subscription plans in Ace Combat.
In-Game Purchases: Ace Combat Infinity, being a free-to-play game, allows players to spend real money to play more often than the game allows them to for free. Outside of this system, the following games feature downloadable content (such as aircraft, aircraft skins, or locations) that players can purchase exclusively with real money:
Gambling Elements: Ace Combat has never featured any gambling elements.


General Info

Acepedia is an online community dedicated to presenting all available information regarding the Ace Combat series. It uses a wiki format, meaning that anyone visiting the site is able to contribute and improve it, similar to Wikipedia. We are hosted on Fandom, a service that allows people to create a community for any subject and contribute to any wiki using one account across the Fandom network.
The content on the site is moderated by a team of voluntary Administrators, who have the ability to remove unsuitable content and block users with negative intentions from accessing the site.
All users are required to follow the rules of the wiki, which are enforced by the Administrators.
Contributing to the site is allowed by anyone, as long as they have a Fandom account. Please note that a minimum age of 13 is required to create an account.

How to Contact Us

The Administrators of Acepedia can be contacted by leaving them a message on their message wall on the wiki.
Fandom may be contacted through the Special:Contact page found on any Fandom wiki. It is also possible to leave a message on the message wall of a Fandom staff member.

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