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Henceforth, "community" and "Acepedia" will refer to all locations under the "" URL; "wiki" will refer to all locations under the "" URL; and "Fandom" will refer to the website where the Acepedia community is hosted.

Since Acepedia is an open community for users to edit pages and discuss with each other, a set of rules have been put in place to ensure that all users on the community, as well as the community itself, are safe from harm from other users. These rules are enforced by the Administrators.

Anyone who adds any content of any kind to the community (uploading a file, modifying or creating articles, commenting on a user's message wall, participating in Discussions, etc.) is assumed to have read and agreed to these rules.

Follow the Fandom Terms of Use.

First and foremost, all users on the Fandom network must always follow Wikia, Inc.'s Terms of Use. The Terms of Use are enforced by Fandom staff.

If a member of the community is blocked (see The punishment depends on the crime.), they should not create another account to circumvent the block or discuss the issue, nor should they go to another community to discuss the issue, as other communities may block users for this behavior. If a blocked member wishes to speak with an administrator, they should contact the user at Community Central, which is considered to be a neutral ground for such matters. For more information, see this blog post by a Fandom staff member.

Assume good faith and respect other users.

When a user edits a page, other users must assume that the edit was in good faith - which means that if they made a mistake, it should be believed that they did not mean to make that mistake. A user should not be harassed for adding incorrect information to an article, because they may have believed it was completely accurate. Other users should simply revert the edit and send a polite message to the user explaining the information's accuracy.

Users who get such messages from users attempting to correct them should not respond with hostility or tunnel vision. All users should keep an open mind and understand that we are human and we make mistakes. Additionally, none of us know everything about the Ace Combat series; when someone is incorrect, they should either accept their mistake or have a polite discussion and possibly invite other users to come to an agreement about the information.

However, everyone loses their temper every now and again. It's understandable. If a user lashes out or uses vulgar language or attacks another user without meaning to, they should be prepared to apologize and attempt to settle the situation with as much civility as possible.

Keep it civil and tasteful.

Ace Combat games usually receive ESRB's Teen and PEGI's 12 content ratings, though some games were rated E or E10+. Therefore, it should be assumed that users as young as 10 are viewing Acepedia, and as such, our language and presentation should be friendly to that age group.

Under no circumstances, outside of direct quotes, should vulgar language of any kind be used directly in articles.

Comments are a bit more free-form and allow for more language to be used to convey a message, but language that would cause a game to be rated PEGI 16 or higher will be removed or edited on sight. If a comment can be made without using vulgar language, please do so.

Respect copyrights.


All text uploaded to Acepedia is believed to be originally written by the user uploading the text (or directly quoted from a game or other media, in which case we consider it to fall under fair use policy). Users are not allowed to copy text from other websites or copyrighted material without proper citation and permission.

All original text on Acepedia is protected by the CC-BY-SA Creative Commons license, as is most original text on the Fandom network; if you want to quote text from Acepedia to elsewhere on the internet, please credit Acepedia when you do so. Failure to comply may result in a takedown notice.


All files uploaded to Acepedia - including picture files, embedded videos, and sound files - must display a copyright tag explaining its copyright status and its eligibility to be hosted on Acepedia. Files marked with the incorrect copyright tag are subject to deletion without warning.

These are the copyright tags Acepedia displays:

  • CC-BY-SA: This tag indicates that the uploaded file was attached with a Creative Commons license. The uploader will know when this is the case.
  • Fairuse: This tag indicates that the use of the uploaded file falls under fair use. This applies to almost all of the files on Acepedia. Fair use allows Acepedia to use copyrighted material, like screenshots of Ace Combat games, without claiming that the content was created by Acepedia. Screenshots and photographs usually count as fair use.
  • From Wikimedia: This tag is used for files taken from Wikipedia or other Wikimedia projects, with an unknown copyright status. These files are subject to deletion unless a different tag is used.
  • No license: This tag is used for files with an unknown copyright status. These files are subject to deletion unless the proper tag is used.
  • Other free: This tag is similar to CC-BY-SA, but refers to the GNU license or any other free-use license, not necessarily Creative Commons.
  • PD: This tag is used for files released into the public domain. Like with CC-BY-SA, the uploader will know when this is the case.
  • Permission: This tag is only for files that have been provided to Acepedia by the copyright holder for explicit use on Acepedia. This tag must be accompanied with a source of the permission being granted to Acepedia.
  • Self: This should only be used if you're uploading a file that you created yourself. Screenshots do not count.

Make the best possible edits that you can, and take responsibility for them.

When performing an edit, users should always attempt to fill out the "Edit Summary" box to describe their edit. This will allow users who browse page edit histories to easily discern what a specific edit actually edited on the page. Users who consistently make edits without filling out an Edit Summary will be warned to do so.

Users should note the difference between a standard edit and a minor edit. Minor edits concern minor changes, especially for fixing spelling, grammar, or categories. Users will not be penalized harshly for not adhering to this rule, since Fandom does not do much to support minor edits. It is, however, highly encouraged to mark any minor edits as such by checking the "Minor edit" checkbox next to the Edit Summary box and Publish button.

Acepedia is an Ace Combat community and nothing more.

This community exists to record and present Ace Combat history. Real-life history should only be recorded on Acepedia if it overlaps with one of the games in the series. A common example is a real-life aircraft's service record or development history; these are not pertinent to the games, and therefore do not belong on Acepedia.

Users have advertised their own squadrons as well as their own works in real life (such as model building or publications) on the community. We support this on user pages, user blogs, or Discussions; however, we do not permit any non-Ace Combat articles or files. All files and articles that are not related to Acepedia administration or the Ace Combat series will be deleted without warning.

Fan-made artwork is included in this rule; we do not permit the uploading of any non-official material. The Ace Combat Fanon Wiki exists for uploading and sharing fan material for the series.

The punishment depends on the crime.

Administrators are the members of the community who maintain its integrity and protect its members from wrongful abuse of any kind. Administrators must also adhere to the above rules, but have the ability to deal punishment on any member (administrator or not) that violates any of the rules.

Typically, on a member's first offense of any rule, they will receive a warning. After one or two warnings, a member who continues to violate the rules will be blocked from the community for a certain amount of time, anywhere from 1 day to forever. "Forever" is usually reserved for spammers or consistent repeat offenders. The length of the block will depend on the severity of the member's actions; there is no solid guideline to this, so the length of the block rests on the administrator's discretion. Following short blocks, if a member continues to break rules, they may be blocked for a few months, a year, or more.

Administrators do not have the final say.

This community is not run like a dictatorship. Administrators are only given their power by the members of the community. Administrators are humans as well; they should understand how to present themselves around the community, and members and administrators should respect each other as equals on the editing of the wiki articles. However, Acepedia is no stranger to abusive administrators. If an administrator is abusing their rights, they can lose their rights and even be blocked from the community.

If a member is a victim of administrator harassment or witnesses it on another member, they should either contact another administrator, or go straight to Fandom Support. Fandom staff can be considered as administrators of all of Fandom's communities; therefore, abusive administrators on a community such as Acepedia can be revoked of all rights by these staff members. Additionally, Fandom staff can assist in repairing any damages caused to the community by the administrator in question.

However, users must understand that this should only be used in times of emergency when an administrator is truly being harmful to the community or its members. There is a distinct difference between enforcing the rules and being irrational, and if a user is breaking the rules, they should not wrongly claim that an administrator is harassing them. A user can always refer back to these rules to see who was in the right and who was in the wrong.

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