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The Aegir Fleet was a fleet division and possibly the largest in the Federal Erusian Navy. It was nicknamed the "Invincible Fleet" due to its impressive firepower, size, and battle record. Its flagship was the Iowa-class battleship Tanager. The Aegir Fleet operated for an unknown amount of time before its destruction on November 23, 2004, during the Second Usean Continental War.


The Aegir Fleet's deployment history prior to the Second Usean Continental War is unknown. However, by the time the war had begun, the fleet had already gained a reputation as one of the most powerful naval forces in the world. It is possible that the fleet saw combat early in the war, leading the Independent State Allied Forces (ISAF) to avoid any direct naval confrontation with the fleet. Even so, the Aegir Fleet saw less action (as did the rest of Erusea's military) when the ISAF withdrew from the mainland to its new General Headquarters at North Point.[1]

In mid-September 2004, Erusea attempted a bombing run on the ISAF's GHQ, but was thwarted by the remaining ISAF fighters.[2] By October, the ISAF had successfully completed the evacuation of its ground forces on the mainland.[3] The ISAF's mysterious troop movements and regrouping efforts were cause for concern to the Erusian high command, who anticipated an ISAF counterattack launched from North Point.

Erusea decided to end the war in short order by deploying the Aegir Fleet and a large force of support ships to launch an amphibious assault on North Point. Sometime before November 7, 2004, the fleet left Erusea's capital, Farbanti, and temporarily made port at Comberth Harbor to refuel, rearm, and complete battle preparations. ISAF command realized the war would be lost if the Aegir Fleet attacked North Point, so preparations were made for a three-operation campaign performed by ISAF fighters with the ultimate goal of immobilizing and destroying the fleet.[4]

Operation Hunting Hawk

Main article: Operation Hunting Hawk

On November 7, 2004, the ISAF dispatched fighters to secure the airspace around Comberth and intercept incoming Erusian transport planes that were attempting to resupply the Aegir Fleet. At 1226hrs, a small ISAF squadron made contact with a convoy of three enemy transport planes supported by E-767s providing ECM coverage. The ISAF fighters were able to shoot down all the Erusian jammer aircraft and transport planes. The mission was not a decisive victory, but it managed to forestall the Aegir Fleet's resupply operations.[4]

Operation Early Bird

Main article: Operation Early Bird

On November 19, at 0550hrs, an ISAF fighter squadron was deployed to destroy a petrochemical complex northeast of Comberth that was the primary fuel source for the Aegir Fleet. The facility had stockpiled over five million barrels of crude oil by the time of the ISAF air raid. The operation was a major success for the ISAF, which managed to deprive the Erusian war effort of one of its key oil refineries and left the Aegir Fleet stranded without fuel in Comberth Harbor.[5]

Together, the success of Operations Hunting Hawk and Early Bird gave the ISAF the upper hand it needed if the threat of the "Invincible" Aegir Fleet was to be eliminated.

Operation Rough Seas

Main article: Operation Rough Seas

Tanager sinking

Erusian crewmen watch from the shoreline as the Tanager sinks outside Comberth Harbor

On November 23, at 1200hrs, ISAF fighter squadrons entered Comberth Harbor airspace, successfully sank every Aegir vessel, and inflicted significant damage on various enemy facilities throughout the harbor area. The Erusian forces were caught flat-footed, with some of them believing the air raid was merely a drill. The Aegir Fleet suffered immense losses in terms of both vessels and personnel; many ships were sunk as they sat at anchor. Some of the fleet's capital ships, including the (flagship) battleship Tanager and the aircraft carrier Geofon, managed to escape the harbor itself but were intercepted by ISAF fighters before they could escape to open waters.[6]

The operation was deemed a resounding success for the ISAF. The Erusians' planned assault on North Point had been either indefinitely delayed or abandoned altogether, and the "Invincible" Aegir Fleet had been completely decimated, making it likely that the fleet would never see combat again.[6]


  • Iowa-class battleship
  • Kitty Hawk-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier
  • Ticonderoga-class guided-missile Aegis cruiser
  • Hatakaze-class guided-missile destroyers—referred to as "cruisers" by the Federal Erusian Navy
  • Cassard-class frigates—referred to as "destroyers" by the Federal Erusian Navy
    • Herne
    • Thiassi
    • Taisch
  • Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered submarines
    • Beowolf π
    • Beowolf ν
  • La Fayette-class frigate
  • Pegasus-class missile fast attack/patrol hydrofoil
  • Buffalo Soldier-class container ship
  • Mars-class combat stores ship
  • San Giorgio-class amphibious transport dock



  • It is interesting that the Aegir Fleet's flagship is a battleship, considering how many flagships in modern, real-world navies are aircraft carriers. During World War II, however, flagships were often chosen for their speed, rather than power. This could imply that the Tanager was not as powerful as the Geofon, but it may have been faster.
  • The game incorrectly classifies many of the Aegir Fleet's ships: it classifies destroyers as "cruisers", and frigates as "destroyers".
  • When engaging the fleet's submersibles, the HUD does not display the Greek characters in their names ("Beowulf π" and "Beowulf ν"). Instead, it displays the letters phonetically ("Beowulf-pi" and "Beowulf-nu", respectively); SkyEye's kill confirmations, however, display the Greek characters.
  • The fleet's name is a reference to the sea giant Ægir of Norse mythology. The names of individual ships contain additional references: Kólga is Ægir's daughter; Fenris is an alternate spelling of Fenrir; Thiassi is a frost giant; and Beowulf is an epic hero of Anglo-Saxon folklore.
  • Within the game's audio files, SkyEye has dialogue for several more ships that do not appear in the final game. They are as follows:
    • Aegis-class Condor
    • Aegis-class Magpie
    • Aegis-class Sparrow
    • Aegis-class Finch


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