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For the Aigaion as depicted in Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation, see P-1112 Aigaion.
"Aigaion... and support craft... located up ahead."
― AWACS Sky-Eye[src]
P-1112 (Real World)
Technical Information
Manufacturer Unknown
Function Heavy command cruiser
Energy Unknown
Historical Information
Operators Unknown
Appearances Ace Combat Infinity

The Aigaion-class heavy command cruiser is a giant combat aircraft from the Ace Combat Infinity world.


Frequently called "Moby Dick", the Aigaion is a heavy command cruiser escorted by a duo of Kottos craft providing jamming protection and two Gyges craft providing additional anti-air power. It is armed with an assortment of anti-air weapons and missile batteries. Most notably, it also comes equipped with the Nimbus missiles - large and highly powerful cruise missiles that explode in mid-air very similarly to the shells fired by Stonehenge cannons.[1]


More information will be added to this section when Ace Combat Infinity fully releases.


Outside of the story campaign of Ace Combat Infinity, the Aigaion, Kottos, and Gyges also appear as enemy units in Moby Dick Pursuit, a multiplayer mission that appears at random after the completion of a different mission. Besides a few bandits flying in the airspace, the five airships are the only targets, and net thousands of points to players that destroy their weak spots. The mission does not even feature an emergency mission update.


  • The aircraft's nickname comes from Moby Dick, a giant whale from the eponymous novel by Herman Melville.
  • A special Aigaion with a crimson body was unveiled in the event Aces at Operation: "Digital Hollywood", where it was described as a "more formidable" variant of the standard cruiser.
  • An even more formidable and aggressive Aigaion with a golden paintjob appears in the very rare Moby Dick III version of the special emergency mission. This one replaces the Nimbus cruise missiles with missile stopping lasers, just like those of the Quox UAVs.
  • Due to the fact that Moby Dick appears in both campaign and its respective Special Raid Mission, the existence of Moby Dick Pursuit II and III, and the Mission Update of Kottos and Gyges, it is shown more than one Aerial Fleet exists, unlike the Estovakian Aerial Fleet, and that Kottos and Gyges are used on their own at least once.



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