Air Ixiom 767-200

Flight 702 during the engagement

"Air Ixiom Flt. 702 here. Erusian fighters are closing in on us at 23,000 ft. Please hurry!"
― Flight 702 captain[1]

Air Ixiom Flights 701 and 702 were two civilian 767-200 airliners employed by the Usean airline company Air Ixiom. They would become vitally important to the ISAF war efforts in the final year of the Second Usean Continental War.


Main article: Operation Noah's Ark

On March 14, 2005, both aircraft took off from Erusian territory carrying the engineers responsible for the development of Stonehenge. The engineers were offering vital information that would aid ISAF's efforts to destroy Stonehenge in exchange for amnesty and permission to defect to an ISAF member state.[1]

During takeoff, Flight 701 was struck by enemy fire, injuring the captain and forcing First Officer Nagase to assume control of the airliner. The aircraft suffered hull damage and could not maintain cabin pressure, restricting Flight 701 to an altitude of merely 6,000 feet.[1]

At 1531 local time, Flights 701 (flying at 6,000 feet) and 702 (holding a standard cruising altitude of 23,000 feet) were spotted by Erusian fighters north of Chopinburg in central Usea. Although the airspace fell within range of Stonehenge, the Erusians attempted to covertly intercept Flights 701 and 702 to prevent the engineers from divulging any information on Stonehenge. ISAF responded by dispatching Mobius 1 to escort the airliners.[1]

Mobius 1 shot down all of the attacking Erusian fighters, and both airliners successfully entered ISAF territory. The engineers' defection became an important turning point in the war: the intelligence provided on Stonehenge's weak points, jamming capabilities, and anti-aircraft network allowed ISAF to formulate and successfully execute a second air raid on the railgun facility.[1]



  • Some fans theorize that, if not for the actions of the engineers and crews of Flights 701 and 702, ISAF's victory in the war may have been prolonged by several more months.


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