AC7 Aircraft Tree

A section of the Aircraft Tree in Ace Combat 7

The Aircraft Tree is a hierarchical technology tree featured in Ace Combat Infinity and Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. When the player first begins, they're given a basic aircraft and a single tuning part at the earliest tier. The player can then advance on the tree by playing the game to unlock more powerful aircraft and parts.


The term tree refers to the player's ability to choose which sequence, or branch, to advance. Completing all branches is not mandatory; it is entirely the player's choice which branches to advance depending on what aircraft or parts the player wishes to unlock.

Each vertical column of the tree is considered to be a higher tier than the last. The right-most tier of the tree houses the most powerful aircraft and the left-most tier houses the least powerful aircraft.


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It allows players to "research" technologies to unlock aircraft or aircraft parts. Research on one section of a tree can only proceed as long as the path up to that section has been unlocked by purchasing all other items along that path. The amount of research performed on the tree is dependent on the Clear Rank and personal performance of the pilot during Online Co-Op Missions, and on the pilot's personal performance alone during Team Deathmatch.

Since July 2014, Infinity has also featured a "Cst" rating. It stands for "Aircraft Cost"; mostly, aircraft in the same column on the Aircraft Tree have an identical Cst rating. Each column increases the Cst rating by 25 points. Special Aircraft have their own Cst ratings. These ratings help to determine an aircraft's performance in general compared to another aircraft; it does not, however, take an aircraft's level or the parts equipped into account. With an Update 1.03 that took place in August 2014, the Cst rating in aircraft selection has been replaced with "TtlCst", which takes into account the aircraft's level, equipped special weapon, equipped upgrade parts, and equipped datalink to give a more accurate rating of its performance.[1]

Beta Information

The information in the following section only applied to the beta of the game, and therefore is not applicable anymore.

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During the beta, the tree was split into ten tiers, ranging from Tier 0 to Tier 9. Tiers were locked depending on your rank:

  • Warrant Officer - Up to Tier 2
  • Second Lieutenant - Up to Tier 4

Tier 4 was the highest tier available during the beta; the ranks required for the remaining tiers were unknown.

Technologies in further tiers also required certain items from previous tiers to have been fully researched and then purchased before research could begin on these higher-tier technologies. These pre-requisites are listed below, but Infinity did provide a visual diagram to assist in seeing the pre-requisites for certain techs.

All items in this tier are automatically unlocked and purchased at level 1.

F-4E Phantom II
Su-25TM Frogfoot
New Flight Suit

All items in this tier require the F-4E Phantom II and the Su-25TM Frogfoot to be purchased. Since they are given to the player for free, all items in this tier are automatically unlocked, but must be researched before they can be purchased and used.

F-16C Fighting Falcon
Advanced Warheads (MSL) S
Mirage 2000-5
Cockpit Protective Armor S
Advanced Mobile Fin (MSL)


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