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UNF Aircraft Carrier

A United Nations Forces Nimitz-class aircraft carrier

Aircraft carriers are special naval warships that can house aircraft and feature a flight deck for aircraft to take-off or land.


Aircraft carriers are essentially floating airfields, capable of launching aircraft to attack enemy targets from safe distances. In Ace Combat games, various carriers, both friendly and enemy, are occasionally encountered and are also sometimes used as the player's airfield during certain missions.



Aircraft carriers are used by a number of navies, most notably by the Osean Maritime Defense Force, which is known to have operated a relatively large number of them. Other navies that are known to have used carriers include the Yuktobanian Navy, the Federal Erusian Navy and the Belkan Navy.

The most common classes encountered are the Nimitz-class, the Kitty Hawk-class and the Admiral Kuznetzov-class.

Assault Horizon universe

A United States Navy aircraft carrier helped transfer North Atlantic Treaty Organization forces from Africa to Dubai

During the New Russian Federation uprising, the Russian Navy's aircraft carrier in the Black Sea was seized by the New Russian Federation along with many other ships. It was later sunk by Task Force 108 and Russian Loyalists during an operation to rescue the Russian Prime Minister, who was being held hostage by the fleet.

In early 2016, two USN aircraft carriers were deployed in efforts to find Andrei Markov and his remaining forces within the Caribbean.[1]

Infinity universe

The United Nations Forces had at least one aircraft carrier

The USEA Federation acquired a number of aircraft carriers during their uprising, either from Wernher and Noah Enterprises or from nations that supported the group. They were most often seen supporting forces away from the Eurasian Continent. During Operation Eternal Liberation, the group would deploy no less than four in its attempt to seize or destroy Comona Base in the West Indies.

Named Units

Usean Allied Forces

Usean Rebel Forces


Federal Erusian Navy

Osean Maritime Defense Force

Yuktobanian Navy

New Russian Federation

Estovakian Navy

Belkan Navy

United States Navy



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