Alberto Lopez, TAC name "Torero"[2], was a Sapinish fighter pilot and member of the A World With No Boundaries army.


Born in Sapin in 1963, Alberto later joined the Sapin Air Force as leader of the Espada Squadron, where he started a relation with Marcela Vasquez, his wingman. In October of 1995, the two abandoned their airbase in Sapin and joined the A World With No Boundaries movement.

In December 25, Alberto and Marcela escorted the XB-0 Hresvelgr gunship during its attack on the city of Lumen after the coup d'etat in Belka, accompanying it as it later besieged Valais Air Base in Ustio. The mercenary Galm Team, after surviving the initial attack, pursued the Hresvelgr to the Waldreich Mountains. Espada moved it to stop them, but were shot down in self-defense.


There are three available outcomes for Alberto, which are determined by the player's Ace Style. However, he will always die regardless of the player's actions.

  • In the Mercenary route, Alberto is killed by Cipher over Waldreich.
  • In the Soldier route, Alberto survives the Hresveglr incident, however he suffers great injuries and soon succumbs to his wounds at base.
  • In the Knight route, Alberto survives the fight with Galm and lives through the rest of the war. Some time later, he would return to the skies as a fighter pilot, only to be killed in the line of duty.


  • Alberto Lopez is the only enemy ace that can be neutralized instead of being killed.



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