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For the mission, see Alect Squadron (mission)

The Alect Squadron was an elite fighter squadron comprised of some of Leasath's best pilots; the squadron ranked among the Leasath Air Force's highest ranked groups. They were skilled pilots in combat, although they seemed to be quite overconfident in regard to their skills.

During the close of the Aurelian War, the Alect Squadron was launched against the Gryphus Squadron, particularly Gryphus One, before they could destroy Archelon Fortress. Gryphus One shot down all Alect members, and it is believed the squadron was disbanded shortly afterward.


Nothing is known about Alect Squadron prior to the liberation of Griswall, but their reputation leads to the assumption that they had participated in the early stages of the war.

Near the end of 2020, Diego Gaspar Navarro was tracked by Aurelian forces fleeing from Griswall to Sentry Island, where the experimental Fenrir aircraft was being developed within Archelon Fortress. Two groups of Leasath forces were also detected moving towards Sentry Island: a massive Leasath fleet transporting an unidentified weapon; and the Alect Squadron. Aurelia could only deal with one of the threats and had to allow the other to reach the island.

The history of Alect Squadron from this point on depends on the player's actions, but they will always end up defeated.

  • If the player decides to chase after Alect first and allow the fleet to advance to Archelon, then Alect Squadron will be flying S-32s and will be shot down over the Danern Straits.
  • If the player decides to chase after the fleet first and allow Alect to advance to Archelon, then Alect Squadron will commandeer four Fenrirs and the player will have to shoot them down in the final mission.


  • The Alect Squadron's paint scheme is similar to the one used by the Razgriz Squadron (black with red tips).


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