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The Alect Squadron is an elite fighter squadron comprised of some of Leasath's best pilots, the squadron ranks among their air force's highest ranked groups. Due to their high ranking, it is assumed that they had some sort of connection to Diego Gaspar Navarro, the nation's head of state, especially because of the technology they were assigned to test toward the end of the Aurelian War. They are skilled pilots in combat, although they seem to be quite overconfident in regard to their skills.

History Edit

The Alect Squadron first saw activity during the early days of the Aurelian War, although the extent of their operations back then are unknown. By the middle of the year, the unit's combat activities were nearly non-existent, possibly due to orders from Leasath high command.

Alect Squadron returned to the frontlines toward near the end of 2020. Days after the Aurelia's liberation of Griswall, the nation's capital, reconnaissance detected a massive Leasath military convoy heading to Archelon Fortress, the Leasath's military headquarters, through the northern Danern Straits. The convoy was spilit into two groups: one was a massive destroyer fleet, while the other was the Alect Squadron and their escorts.

Regardless of the player's choices in the storyline, the Alect Squadron will always be annihilated towards the end of the storyline, although the circumstances of their death will vary according to the player's choices.

Ending A - Alect Squadron Edit

Frontline intelligence informs that a Leasath fighter formation is moving through the northern coastline towards Archelon Fortress, Leasath's final stronghold, while a report from a sympathizer from behind enemy lines states that the fighter formation is actually the Alect Squadron and their escorts. The Aurelian Air Force decide to stage an ambush at the Danern Straits, hoping to annihilate the Alect Squadron before they reach Archelon.

Gryphus Squadron, alongside the Falco Squadron then head towards the Danern Straits, intercepting the Leasath fighter formation. A fierce dogfight between the aircraft of both nations breaks out, an over-confident Alect Squadron soon joining the fray. The battle led to the death of all Alect Squadron's pilots and a swift Aurelian victory.

Ending B - End of Deception II Edit

The Alect Squadron managed to arrive at Archelon Fortress, upon which they were outfitted with the Fenrir, and its Optical Stealth. A short time later, Gryphus 1 and Aurelian forces assaulted Archelon Fortress. Unfortunately, Alect Squadrons skill, coupled with the capabilities of the Fenrir, which proved to be near-impossible to defeat even for Gryphus 1. A small Aurelian landing unit managed to bypass naval defenses and land on the island. They then exposed the Microwave Transmitter, granted Gryphus 1 a window to destroy this facility in order to disable the Fenrir's DOS. Gryphus 1 was then able to destroy Alect and all Leasath fighters. If Gryphus 1 didn't destroy the transmitter in time, under heavy retaliation, landing unit would retreat for a while then reclaimed this structure again to allow it to be destroyed from air. After all Fenrirs were destroyed, a single one attempted to escape the fortress. Gryphus 1 entered the fortress and destroyed it, along with all the other incompleted Fenrirs and a single U-2 Dragon Lady. Gryphus 1 flew out of Archelon Fortress as it exploded.


  • The Alect Squadron uses a paint scheme that is similar to the paint scheme used by the Razgriz Air Command Squadron, black with red on the tail tips.

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