Anea is a major landmass in the Strangereal Universe similar in size to Usea. It is located to the north of the Verusan continent across the Fuscum Sea.


There are three countries on the continent of Anea. From northwest to southeast:


The geography of Anea is equally split among mountain ranges, canyons and deserts.

The north and east of the continent, home to the Razgriz Straits and Sonne Island respectively, are known for their glacial landmasses and freezing waters.

The most unique of geographies is found on Khesed Island, where forests, jungles, mountains, plains and plateaus can be found on the one island.

Despite its high latitude it has a wide range of climates and a large population, possibly thanks to warm oceanic currents.


Fall of the Ulysses and Aftermath

By 1999, the Anean Continent was prepared for the arrival of the 1994XF04 Ulysses asteroid. Underground shelters and bunkers were built for the impact, and many citizens of Gracemeria prayed to the Golden King in the Old Quarter of the city.

When the asteroid split into millions of fragments and fell to the Earth in July of 1999, most of Nordennavic and Emmeria remained unscathed. Many of the citizens, including Melissa Herman and her husband, made wishes upon the falling asteroids. In stark contrast, a large portion of the fragments crashed onto Estovakia, killing many citizens and destroying many buildings. The economy of Estovakia collapsed, but Emmeria attempted to provide whatever economic aid they could.

It was around this time that the Republic of Anea concept was formed, which would've united the entire continent into one sovereign nation. It never materialized due to Estovakia's deteriorating political condition.

Estovakian Civil War

Following the asteroid impacts, a civil war broke out between five large factions in Estovakia for control of the country. The Eastern Faction won out, thanks to their Strigon Team and Vampire Team, and declared a new dictatorship government controlled by The Generals.

Another large faction during the Civil War was the Lyes United Front, who the Eastern Faction believed was receiving aid from Emmeria. They publicly scapegoated Emmeria as the cause of the Civil War, and public dissent of Emmeria grew strong over the following years.

Circum-Pacific War

Likely without the knowledge of any of Anea's countries, Yuktobania deployed the Hrimfaxi in the Razgriz Straits to fire long-range burst missiles at invading Osean troops during the Circum-Pacific War. Wardog Squadron was deployed to the Straits to destroy the submarine; their victory earned them the title "Demons of Razgriz".

Emmeria-Estovakia War

The largest conflict in known Anean history was the Emmeria-Estovakia War that took place in 2015 and 2016. Following the Eastern Faction's propaganda against Emmeria and their supposed aid of the Lyes United Front, Estovakia declared war on the country and invaded simultaneously. Emmerian forces were pushed back due to the use of the P-1112 Aigaion, an Aigaion-class heavy command cruiser built during the Estovakian Civil War.

Over the course of months, Emmerian forces would fight the Estovakians and gain their land back little by little. After some time, the Emmerian Air Force would go up against the entirety of Estovakia's aerial fleet, comprised of the Aigaion and supported by two P-1113 Kottos and two P-1114 Gyges. Talisman, flight lead of Garuda Team, would end up dealing the killing blow on the Aigaion.

As Emmerian forces continued to advance, Estovakia threatened the use of chemical weapons in Gracemeria to kill all of its citizens and likely cause the land to become uninhabitable. Emmeria ordered a cease-fire while they would figure out what to do, but Shamrock of Garuda Team was furious about the order and instead engaged the elite Strigon Team that had arrived to backup their troops at the Moloch Desert. Garuda Team was temporarily suspended from combat, but eventually brought back to deal with the chemical weapon threat; they performed a surprise attack on the Estovakian forces holding the chemicals, and destroyed all of the weapons.

With the chemical weapon threat gone, Emmerian forces returned to Gracemeria and liberated the city from the Estovakians. Ilya Pasternak arrived in the airspace with a CFA-44 Nosferatu and attempted to shoot down Garuda Team, but Talisman shot him down and the liberation of Gracemeria was declared victorious. That night, however, Estovakia utilized the Chandelier railgun and attacked the city with cruise missiles. The Emmerian Air Force defended the city, and then performed an attack operation the next day to destroy the Chandelier. After an extended battle, Talisman destroyed the railgun's core, and the entire structure collapsed. Estovakia surrendered following the Chandelier's destruction, ending the brutal war.



  • Many islands around the continent and mainly ones to the east of Estovakia, including Norte Island, have seemed to have changed shape since the events of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War to the events of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation. This is most likely a map inconsistency.
  • The two islands north of Emmeria resemble the Severny and Yuzhny Islands located north of Russia.