Emmeria-Estovakia War

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Emmeria-Estovakia War
Macmillan Intro Interface
Conflict Information
Also Known As Continental War
Date 2015-2016
Locations Anea
Outcomes Destruction of the Chandelier
The Generals government is brought to an end
Cease-Fire between Estovakia and Emmeria
Preceding Estovakian Civil War
Republic of Emmeria
Commanders Unknown
Casualties Unknown number of soldiers and civilians
Federal Republic of Estovakia
Commanders The Generals
Strength Estovakian Aerial Fleet
Casualties Unknown number of soldiers and civilians
Kingdom of Nordennavik
Commander General Rasmussen
Casualties Unknown

The Emmeria-Estovakia War, locally called the continental war, was an armed conflict waged by the Federal Republic of Estovakia against the Republic of Emmeria from 2015 to 2016.


Ulysses impactEdit

In 1999, the 1994XF04 Ulysses asteroid, which had been discovered by the International Astronomist Union in Usea five years earlier, entered Earth's orbit and was disintegrated by the action of its tidal force, splitting in into thousands of fragments that showered the planet's northern hemisphere, causing unfathomable damage in the continents of Usea and Anea.

Although Usea was protected by the action of asteroid interceptor weapons like Stonehenge, Anea did not possess any systems able to halt the bolides post-atmospheric entry, a fact exacerbated by a June 1998 IAU report declaring all areas inside the meridian lines of 135° east and 30° west to be within the Ulysses kill zone, setting off continental protests against the disaster prevention ability of Union and the Federation of Central Usea, Stonehenge's creator and main contributor.[1]

The countries of Anea responded by launching their own safeguard measures against the impending impact: Emmeria built a network of underground shelters near the country's main metropolian areas, while Estovakia independently developed their own anti-Ulysses system in the form of the Chandelier railgun.

Humanitarian intervention and civil warEdit

Ulysses Aftermath in Anea

An Estovakian survivor of the Ulysses impacts

In July 3 of 1999, Anea and Usea suffered unfathomable damage from the fragments of Ulysses after it burst in the atmopshere from Earth's tidal forces, ravaging countries from both continents. While Emmeria survived the impact event because of the disaster shelter system, Estovakia suffered several meteor strikes across its districts, killing thousands of people and sending its economy into a permanent depression.

The loss of governmental control in disaster sites birthed the rise of armed insurrectionist groups that assumed control of areas in Estovakia's states, which then battled each other in turf wars over the control of resources and territorial power. In 2000, Emmeria launched a coordinated effort with non-governmental organizations to deliver humanitarian relief to assist in rebuilding their economy that was cancelled in light of the continued civil conflicts.[2]

One faction, the Lyes United Front, seized western Estovakia and the former capital in April of 2007, and began receiving Emmerian relief under a modified humanitarian aid plan. The LUF used said resources to launch a crackdown on opposition groups, a campaign that culminated in the death of over 200,000 people after the cutting of supply lines to the city of Gredina. The Eastern Faction group responded by declaring war on Lyes, setting off a seven-year civil war as other irregular armies joined them in their uprising.[2]

Conclusion of the warEdit

The war remained in a stalemate untl Belkan Federation engineers led by former Gault Squadron pilot Lorenz Riedel joined the Eastern Faction, providing them with classified research on heavy command cruiser aircraft technology. The leaked designs were adapted into an "Aerial Fleet Initiative" by Eastern Faction commander Gustav Dvornik, and upon battlefield deployment allowed Estovakia to obtain air superiority across the country, leading to the eventual defeat of the Lyes United Front at west Estovakia in 2013.

After the end of the war, the Eastern Faction formed a new federal government, staffed by former faction soldiers and headed by The Generals, a military junta formed by Eastern Faction commander Gustav Dvornik and five officers from the Estovakian armed forces. Their administration was impaired by a resistance movement from anti-Eastern Faction insurrectionists and Lyes United Front loyalists, which launched repeated attacks against the new directors.[2]

War veterans and politicians publicly expressed their discontent at Emmeria, accusing them of contributing to the civil war through the unabated humanitarian aid to the Lyes Front. The anti-Emmerian sentiment continued to grow after the death of Minister Isaac Arensky and a propaganda campaign by the Generals, who declared that a strict and authoritarian military dictatorship was necessary for Estovakia to recover its former stability.[2]

Outbreak of warEdit

Invasion of GracemeriaEdit

The hatred against Emmeria led the Generals to order a military invasion of Emmeria in mid-2015 as retribution for their perceived role in the civil war. Junta member Gustav Dvornik was appointed as Expeditionary Forces General, becoming the supreme commander of the army group involved in the operation.

AC6 Gracemeria Invasion 01

An F-15E over an Emmerian Navy fleet

In August 30 of 2015, a strike force formed by fighter aircraft, parachute-dropped armored vehicles and the Aerial Fleet's P-1112 Aigaion launched an attack on the Emmerian capital of Gracemeria. The Emmerian Air Force and ground army were scrambled and defeated the initial attack units, but were forced to abandon the city after a Nimbus missile attack on the Aigaion wiped out half of the defending troops.

Forced by the sudden intervention of the Aigaion, the Emmerian Joint Chiefs of Staff ordered a strategic retreat from the capital area to all branches of their armed forces, leading the Emmerian military and hundreds of civilians to engage in a mass exodus to Khesed Island in western Anea. The retreat allowed the reformed Estovakian Army to launch an offensive that allowed them to control most of the Emmerian mainland by October of 2015.

Emmerian counterattackEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The events of the war are depicted in the "Emmeria" campaign of the mobile game Ace Combat: Northern Wings, in which the player character is involved in assisting the evacuation from Gracemeria and clearing the way for the attack on Chandelier. However, as with other missions in the game, the canonicity of these events is questionable, as Nordennavik has never been officially involved in either the Circum-Pacific War or the war in Anea.


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