""That emblem... the red scorpion!""
― Valahia soldier in Blockade

Antares Squadron is an elite fighter squadron belonging to the private military company Martinez Security. The squadron was first deployed in Tokyo, in the outset of the Valahia Crisis and later deployed during the Golden Axe Plan in United States of America.


Antares Squadron's first known deployment was at a joint military show at the Midway Islands. During the show, the squadron confronted a large formation of aircraft and successfully shot down the formation, beginning the Valahia Crisis. The Valahia Crisis ended when Antares One destroyed the Valahia's headquarters in Central Asia.Antares One, along with the Dog Bear Unit, Lazy Bear Unit and Black Bear Unit, attacked the Golden Axe Plan Private Army at their airport in Nevada. They destroyed the Spiridus at Lake Tahoe by letting Martinez Security's ground forces fire three powerful missiles to disable it's READS defense system, Antares destroying the Hi-TASM launch ports, AA guns, SAMs and AA electrolaser cannons, crashing it into the mountains Lastly, Antares Squadron headed to San Francisco to stop the remnant Golden Axe Plan Private Army from destroying the city, defeating Varcolac Squadron during the battle. Dog Bear Unit stormed Olivieri Life Insurance's underground data center, flushing Andre Olivieri from his headquarters and screamed at the PMC, claiming he would never be stopped, only to be killed by Antares One.



  • The squadron's namesake is based off of Antares, a super giant star located in the constellation Scorpius, which is the scorpion in the squadron's emblem.
  • Antares Squadron is the first to feature multiple player characters flying in the same squadron, dependent upon the number of people playing the game together.
  • Antares Squadron is the first in the 'modern' Ace Combat series wherein all the pilots' information are unknown, though this is due to each of the members of the squadron being player characters.
  • The Antares squadron logo makes an appeareance in the briefing mission set before Operation Eternal Liberation in Ace Combat Infinity as one of the squadrons part of Task Force 118, alongside Ridgeback, Bone Arrow, and ironically enough, Varcolac Squadron.
  • The Rafale M flown by an Antares Squadron member seen in the cutscene before Reprisal shares the same color scheme as Marcela Vasquez's Rafale M from Espada Team.

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