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The Aurelian Air Force is the aerial warfare branch of the Aurelian Armed Forces.


By the late 2010s, the Aurelian Air Force maintained a sizeable arsenal of aircraft, ranging from light fighters to ground attackers and experimental designs developed after the Circum-Pacific War. The air force operated a number of airfields throughout the country, including Aubrey Air Base in Cape Aubrey, Phuku Lagolla Air Base and Sachana Air Base in northern Aurelia.[1][2]

In the early days of the Aurelian War, the AAF suffered heavy losses during Leasath's invasion, both from surprise attacks and the Shock Wave Ballistic Missile attacks by the two airborne ships Gleipnir and Gandr, the latter of which was lost in the opening of the war. The force was believed to be lost after the Gleipnir's SWBM attack on Cape Aubrey, but the actions of numerous surviving units such as Falco and Gryphus allowed the Aurelian Armed Forces to reclaim their country in a counter-offensive campaign before the end of 2020.[1][2]





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