"Looks like the Stovies are runnin' out of steam. Had enough boys?"
Freddie Durand speaking to his squadron.
The Avalanche Squadron is part of the Emmerian Navy and is the 2nd Carrier Air Wing, 2nd Strike Fighter Squadron, a squadron of the Republic of Emmeria Navy (REN).[1]

Avalanche Squadron fly 4 F/A-18F Super Hornet multi-role fighters.[2]


Invasion of Gracemeria

The Avalanche Squadron has been in the war alongside Garuda Team since the Invasion of Gracemeria. They assisted in preventing Gracemeria from being taken over by the Estovakians before the cruise missiles although they were forced to retreat due to the enemy's overwhelming firepower.[2]

Liberating Emmeria

They have also assisted the Garuda team in many various missions such as the battles within Khesed Island, Battle of Ortara, Silvat Town, and Liberation of Gracemeria. The squadron has also aided Garuda in destroying the P-1112 Aigaion over the Dead Sea and the Chandelier in the Battle of Sonne Island. When Garuda Team were fighting a battalion of Estovakian aircraft over the Alma River near Fort Norton all by themselves, the squadron came with the rest of the Emmerian Air Force to provide backup help them in destroying all the enemy forces.[2]



  • The markings on Avalanche Squadron's aircraft draw inspiration from a combination of markings from two real-world US Navy squadrons; VFA-103 "Jolly Rogers" (Yellow tip on the black tail) and VFA-14 "Tophatters" (markings on the fuselage behind the cockpit and the tail).
  • Every named pilot in Avalanche Squadron has a callsign that has something to do with the cold or ice, Avalanche for when large amounts of snow falls down a cliffside, Blizzard is a cold storm of ice and snow and finally, Serac is a column or block of glacial ice.


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