This entire article contains spoilers from Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. Proceed at your own discretion.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. Proceed at your own discretion.

"When I close my eyes, the sky in my dreams... is a deep, dark blue."
― Avril[2]

Avril Mead[a] is a mechanic stationed at the 444th Air Base.[1] Her skill in restoring aircraft earned her the nickname "Scrap Queen".[1]

Avril is one of the secondary protagonists in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown and narrates some of the game's cutscenes between missions.



Avril is the latest in a family of pilots stemming back four generations. Her father and grandfather were both enlisted in the Osean Air Defense Force. Her father died in battle during the Circum-Pacific War,[4] leading her grandfather to lose faith in the OADF and prevent Avril from joining the military as well.[2]

Restoring an F-104

Avril Mead F-104 Cockpit

Avril sitting in the cockpit of her restored F-104

Avril's grandfather was close friends with the superintendent of an Osean scrapyard. The super granted him, Avril, and his war buddies full access to the entire yard. They decided to get to work on building their own aircraft, using the body of an F-104C Starfighter and spare parts from other aircraft in the yard. Avril was the only one of the group who had good vision and coordination, so she performed the manual labor while the older men helped guide her.[2]

While performing flight training, Avril spotted a prototype drone flying over the area. She ridiculed it for looking "like a trash can with wings", but her grandfather reminded her that technology advances rapidly and "it'll leave [her] ass behind" if she didn't keep up with it.[2]

Six years and eight months after starting the build, Avril managed to start the F-104's engine. A year and a half later, the airframe was balanced enough for flight, but her grandfather and his friends had passed away by this time.[2]

Transfer to the 444th

AC7 F-104 Shot Down

Avril getting shot down in her F-104

In May 2019,[5] Avril's F-104 was ready for a maiden flight. She took off from the scrapyard and, owing to the aircraft's great acceleration and rate of climb, broke the sound barrier soon after getting airborne.[2]

At the same time, Erusea's MQ-99 drones began attacking Osean territory.[6] Avril flew near one such drone, identified it as Erusean, and also spotted at least one OADF F-15C Eagle chasing the drone. The F-104's slender fuselage and short-span wings, features similar to those of the drone, led the Osean pilot to mistake Avril for another one of the drones, a situation further exacerbated by Avril's lack of a radio and an IFF transponder, preventing her from identifying as friendly. The F-15C subsequently shot her down.[2]

She was, however, able to crash-land her stricken plane into a nearby Osean airbase and subsequently arrested for violating wartime aviation restrictions.  As punishment, she was transferred to the 444th, where she was forced to continue restoring previously-mothballed aircraft, earning her the "Scrap Queen" nickname among her peers.[1]



  1. Avril Mead (エイブリル・ミード Eiburiru Mīdo)


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