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Axel Bay is a body of water on the southern Usean continent. It encompasses the city Selatapura and the International Space Elevator.

In Ace Combat 2 and Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere, the name "Axel Bay" was also used for an industrial port city to the southeast of the bay.


Axel Bay experienced a period of massive economic growth due to the construction of the International Space Elevator.[1]

During the Nemo simulation, an industrial city in Axel Bay was threatened when Ouroboros sent the UI-4052 Crailas airship, equipped with a bio-chemical weapon, to descend upon the city. The Universal Peace Enforcement Organization dispatched pilots to destroy the city's bridges and chimneys in the airship's path. The airship subsequently crashed into the water, preventing any civilian casualties.[2] Since these events were simulated, it is not confirmed if they actually happened.



Axel Bay AHL

An enemy soldier misnaming Anchorhead as Axel Bay in Assault Horizon Legacy


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