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This area is featured in Ace Combat 2 and Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere. Axel Bay, located on the Usean Continent, is primarily an industrial city. Industrial districts and shipping docks in the nearby channel make up most of the city. In 2045, the city had grown exponentially and expanded it's industrial capabilities. The city was neutral during the conflict in 2045 and did not side with General Resource Limited or Neucom Inc. It is also where (in the Strangereal universe) in the southern region of Usea, where an Asian populace and culture dots the land.


Usean Rebellion (Op. Sledgehammer)

During the Usean Rebellion in 1998, Axel Bay was taken over by the Usean Rebels and became a key part of their military production. The 92nd Special Tactical Fighter Squadron received orders to assist allied a formation of friendly B-1 Lancers in a bombing raid on the city. The operation was a success, and with most of their production capabilities crippled, the rebels soon withdrew from Axel Bay.

Corporate War of 2045 (Op. Fragile Cargo) [JP/NA]

Decades later in 2045, Axel Bay came under a chemical threat. An unknown terrorist group contacted the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization and informed them that a large airship loaded with chemical material is en route towards the city, at a trajectory which would cause it to hit the city's smokestacks, thus releasing it's payload. The UPEO was forced to dispatch pilots to Axel Bay and destroy multiple structures, including smokestacks & even a bridge, in order to keep the large airship, confirmed as the UI-4052 Crailas, from releasing the cargo. No civilians were hurt during the operation, since many of the factories were closed that day, but the city did suffer severe damage. Once the airship splashed down a hydrofoil emerged from the remains & attempted to leave the area, but was destroyed by UPEO forces.




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