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"The B-2s are difficult to detect on radar, they're stealth."

The B-2A Spirit is a bomber aircraft featured repeatedly throughout the Ace Combat series. Its distinctive features are its potential for heavy bombing while maintaining a high degree of stealth.



During the Belkan War, two TGT marked B-2As appear in Operation: Cannibal during the attack of the industrial city of Hoffnung in Belkan territory. Another Two B-2As appear during the attack on the Heavy Command Cruiser XB-0 Hresvelgr.

B-2As saw action during the Usean Continental War. A B-2A was first seen by Phoenix over Mt. Lambert, this was the ace pilot "Cosmic". They were next encountered over Anchorhead Bay, where they were attempting to bomb the city.

The B-2A was used by the Federal Erusian Air Force during the Second Usean Continental War. They were only seen approaching Comona Islands in an attempt to bomb the base that was launching a rocket into space. Mobius 1 succeeded in shooting them all down before they could complete their objective.

During the Circum-Pacific War, B-2A Spirits were used by the Yuktobanian Air Force to launch Cruise Missiles at the Mass Driver during their attack on Basset Space Center during their attempt to stop the SSTO Space Module from taking off from the mass driver to join with the Arkbird, the Spirits failed and were shot down and their cruise missiles destroyed.

During the Aurelian War, B-2As saw limited use by the Leasath Air Force. Two were deployed at Terminus Island to destroy the Aurelian submarine Naiad but were shot down by Gryphus 1. Another three were stationed at Sachana Air Base at the time of Gryphus 1's surprise attack on the base, of which they were destroyed by the former.

Joint Assault universeEdit

Three B-2As appeared during the Valahia Crisis in an attempt to bomb San Francisco

Assault Horizon universeEdit

The B-2A Spirit was used by NATO's Task Force 108.

Infinity universeEdit

B-2As were used by the USEA Federation and the United Nations Forces during Operation Eternal Liberation. USEA Spirits were seen over Comona Base and the Adriatic Sea.

Game AnalysisEdit

Ace Combat InfinityEdit

"A stealthy strategic bomber that is able to penetrate enemy territory without being detected by radar and can carry out large-scale bombing raids. A flying wing aircraft, it has no tail, which makes it more difficult for radar to detect. Its maneuvering performance has been exchanged for increased stealth performance, so it can penetrate radar nets more safely. The number of manufactured aircraft is extremely low, so each individual aircraft is given a unique name comprised of the nickname "Spirit" and the name of a geographic territory."
Lv. Cst SPD MOB STA A2A A2G DEF Credits Total Credits
1 750 F F S F S+ S++ 3,011,580 3,011,580
2 795 F F S+ F S+ S++ 2,021,760 5,033,340
3 840 F F S+ F S+ S++ 2,779,920 7,813,260
4 885 F F S+ F S+ S++ 3,538,080 11,351,340
5 930 F F S+ F S+ S+++ 5,054,400 16,405,740
6 975 F F+ S+ F S+ S+++ 10,108,800 26,514,540
7 1020 F F+ S+ F S+ S+++ 5,265,000 31,779,540
8 1065 F F+ S+ F S+ S+++ 6,528,600 38,308,140
9 1110 F+ F+ S+ F S++ S+++ 7,160,400 45,468,540
10 1155 F+ F+ S+ F S++ S+++ 8,424,000 53,892,540
Lv.1 132 104 0 0
Lv.2 134 112 0 0
Lv.3 136 120 0 0
Lv.4 138 128 28 0
Lv.5 140 136 30 0
Lv.6 142 140 32 0
Lv.7 144 144 34 22
Lv.8 146 148 36 24
Lv.9 148 152 38 26
Lv.10 150 156 40 28

Part Slots
These are the minimum part slots this aircraft carries at the respective levels. More can be added by repeatedly sortieing with the aircraft (see below). Keep in mind that a maximum of 7 parts can be equipped at any time, regardless of available slots.

Lv.1-5 35 35 29
Lv.6-10 37 37 31
This aircraft's part slots can be steadily increased by repeatedly sortieing with it. The "part slot expansion points" required are displayed below; when all of the points for one expansion are obtained, all three part slot categories will receive one additional slot and the left-over points will carry over towards the next expansion. After each sortie, players will receive anywhere between 100 to 130 expansion points (x2.5 for using two fuel, or x4.5 for using three fuel).

If any expansion is not displayed, then data is not yet available for that particular expansion.

Expansion Points Required Approx. Sorties
+1 5,737 44 - 57
Toggle Info on Part Slot Expansions

Upgrading this aircraft to these levels will unlock the respective nicknames for use at any time.

  • Lv.3: A Wish Fulfilled
  • Lv.10: Soul of a Sky Pirate


  • Default


Ace Combat: Assault HorizonEdit


  • Color 1: Pitch black with "Spirit of America" text
  • Color 2: Grey digital camouflage




  • The two B-2 aces in Ace Combat Zero's "The Talon of Ruin" (Felsen and Vulkan) are described in their Assault Records files as being "sent to escort the XB-0 Hresvelgr." It is surprising to see a Spirit on an air-to-air escort mission, due to the fact that Spirits can only carry ground attack ordnance. It is possible that they were being used to cover the XB-0 from SAMs or AA Guns. Another possibility is that two may have been used to draw attention away from the XB-0. A similar case is presented in another mission of the same game, Operation: Cannibal, (referred in game as The Inferno), where two regular (non-ace) B-2As are part of a Belkan stealth formation sent to destroy the Allied Forces destroying the city of Hoffnung.
  • Each B-2 in service has a name starting with "Spirit" ex. the B-2 in Assault Horizon is the "Spirit of America" (it can be seen in on the B-2 skin 1 in custom paint on the bomb bay area) The "Spirit of America" and was actually the first B-2 to enter active service.
  • In Ace Combat Infinity the B-2A Spirit cockpit is devoid of instrument panels, it is not know if the Department of Defense gave Project Aces the rights to the cockpit details.
    • The B-2 has a very wide gap between the instrument panels and the windshield, so the zoomed-in camera used for cockpit view can't capture the instruments.
  • When flying at an extremely low altitude and having the bomb bay doors open (when special weapon is switched to), the camera can clip through the B-2A when angled down and you will be able to see the inside of the bomb bay.


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