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Mount Marcello is a rocky ridge located at the center of Khesed Island, at the east of the Anean Continent. Two valleys run south from Marcello, with anti-air positions, fortifications & railway artillery positioned in between. An strategically important military fortification, Bartolomeo Fortress, is located at the top of the island.


The fortress was built on Mt. Marcello and the surrounding system of ridges and valleys, Bartolomeo Fortress is a sprawling fort. There are two valleys that run north to south directly south of M. Marcello itself. The fortifications in the valleys consisted of staged defensive positions and fortifications, such as bunkers and howitzer positions, as well as railway bridges that supported armored attack trains. The mountain itself served as the fortress's command center. Due to its position and elevation, The Mt. Marcello area is the most strategically important position on Khesed, giving who ever controls it relative control of the island.


Emmeria-Estovakia War

Bartolomeo Fortress, built by the Emmerians, the fortress fell to the Estovakians in their pursuit of the fleeing Emmerian forces who had evacuated Anea. After Estovakia's forward forces were defeated at Sipli Field, most of Estovakia's forces on the island fell back to defend that position. The Emmerian ground forces, encouraged by their success over the Estovakian's at Sipli, staged a daring assault on the fortified position, assisted by several squadrons (including Garuda Team) and the ESM support craft Snake Pit. Two battalions moved up the valleys, supported by air support, in the form of fighter jets and the ESM plane, then linked up to assault the Mountain's command center. Despite fierce resistance from the Estovakian ground forces and the Elite Ace Squadron, Strigon Team, the Emmerian's were able to take the fortress, cementing their control over Khesed. The known Emmerian forces were Warlock Separate Battalion, Quox Armored Battalion, and Snake Pit ESM unit.



  • Bartolomeo Fortress is similar to Glatisant from Ace Combat Zero.
  • If Snake Pit's Operation is completed, He will follow you as Snake Pit's escort fighters will continue escorting him instead of the player. This means that the escort fighters will not participate in an Allied Support when the player requests one. However, if the player were to fly near enemy fighters or ground units, the escort fighters will engage them at their own will as long as Snake Pit is around. This is useful when the player forgets(or chooses not to) to use Allied Support or does not have the gauge filled up to at least one bar.
  • If Quox battalion's Operation is completed, allied howitizers will spawn along side Quox and other strategic locations to assist in the capture of the fortress by shelling enemy ground forces. But some will only fire if Allied Support is used.


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