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The Battle of Santa Elva was a military operation launched by Aurelia to liberate Santa Elva, an important supply route used by Leasathian forces.


Following the rescue of the Aurelian scientist held captive Terminus Island, Aurelia had gained vital information on the Gleipnir. As a result, preparation were made to liberate Santa Elva from Leasath's control.[2]


Gleipnir's Defeat

Gryphus One attacks the Gleipnir as it prepares to fire the Shock Cannon on the city

Once the ground forces and Gryphus Squadron had arrived, the Gleipnir began combating the oncoming forces using the SWBM and Shock Cannon, while utilizing the optical camouflage system for stealth.[2]

Once Gryphus One had damaged the camouflage system beyond repair, the Gleipnir began focusing all its firepower on him. After destroying the SWBM launch ports, the Gleipnir's captain then ordered the crew to fire the Shock Cannon on the city as a last resort.[2]

Gryphus One managed to stop the Gleipnir dead in its tracks and sank the airborne fortress into the Lenal River, miraculously avoiding the city.[2]


With the loss of the Gleipnir, Leasath was forced to retreat from the western regions and begin assembling forces at Griswall.[2]


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