This article is about an in-universe event. For the in-game mission, see Chandelier (mission).
"If Gracemeria falls, they'll no doubt bring ruin upon the entire world!"
Emmerian pilot[1]

The Battle of Sonne Island, referred to by Estovakians as the Chandelier Defensive Operation,[2] was the final battle of the Emmeria-Estovakia War.


After repelling the cruise missile attack at Gracemeria, the Emmerians found the location of the attack. From the ocean, on the Sonne Island. Wanting to put an end to the war quickly, many Emmerian Air Force squadrons including Garuda Team, Avalanche Squadron, Windhover Squadron, Sky Kid Squadron, many others and AWACS Ghost Eye headed towards the island at full speed.


While heading towards the island, Melissa Herman contacted the Chandelier strike team and gave them the information that Victor Voychek held, giving the Emmerian pilots with vital data on how to cripple the weapon. The odds were heavily stacked against the Emmerians as the Chandelier was covered with AA weaponry, multiple cooling units covered with protective barriers, guarded by the remnant Estovakian naval warships and formation of seven Strigon Team survivors. Numerous F-22A Raptors and Su-47 Berkuts also took part in the Chandelier Defensive Operation.

Undeterred, the Emmerians fought hard, trading multiple shots with the Estovakian defenses while losing several aircraft. To make matters worse, they had to break off their attacks as they need to destroy every cruise missile before they were being loaded. Thanks to the Garuda Team, all Estovakian defense forces and cooling units were destroyed.

This was not the end as a back-up cooling unit was revealed to be inside the fortress, at the end of the loading chute. Braving heavy fire, Shamrock went into the chute to obtain data before suffering heavy damage and forced to bail out. Talisman followed his wingman's route, flew into the chute and successfully taking out the cooling unit. Just as victory seemed at hand, the Estovakians had one more trick left in their sleeves.


With the barrel opening up to cool itself, Garuda One flew into the cannon, destroying the core in the back of the cannon. The rail gun collapsed, signaling the end of the war.


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