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The Blackburn Buccaneer is a naval combat aircraft developed by Hawker Siddley and Blackburn Aircraft Limited.

Ace Combat 2

The Buccaneer is an enemy aircraft featured in Ace Combat 2. It is a rare aircraft used solely by the Usean Rebel Forces, and one of the rarest in the entirety of the campaign mode, with only two units appearing as enemies in the mission "Bear Tracks". It is identified in the game and in the Model Viewer as "BS-2B", confirming that the version featured in the game is the Royal Air Force "S.2B" version.

In combat, the Buccaneer will often fly around the combat zone aimlessly, ignoring Scarface One completely, and will never attack, a trait also seen in other ground attack planes. It cannot be flown by the player, whether in Normal or Extra modes.


  • Enemy Type A: Gray with green stripes.
  • Enemy Type B: Light pink with burgundy stripes.


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