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In 1987, one year after the Tyumen Dispute, the Blood War broke out between the Republic of Romny and the Union of Yuktobanian Republics. Once again, the cause for this dispute was over the border between the two countries.[1]

No notable battles are recorded for the Blood War, nor any positively-known outcomes. It is known, however, that the majority of Romny's forces were destroyed, along with a large part of the remaining pilots in the Yuktobanian Air Force.


  • The remainder of the Yuktobanian Air Force's 9th Air Division 112th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 80% of which had been killed during the Battle of Zhytomyr, was mostly destroyed yet again. Almost every one of the pilots who were still surviving after both conflicts had left the Air Force due to their mental anguish.[1]
    • A handful of these pilots decided to become mercenaries rather than leave the skies permanently. Most notably, Dominic Zubov was one of these pilots, who would later go on to become the leader of Schwarze Squadron.[1]


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