Bug Hunt is the 13th mission of the UPEO/Neucom story path in the JP version of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere.


Neucom Inc. transported a large group of experimental nanobytes to a facility in the Chopinburg region. However, for reasons unknown, the nanobytes went haywire and escaped the containment facilities, infecting the entire immediate area and establishing ever expanding colonies in the region. The player's task is to halt the nanobyte plague.

Mission briefing

[translated from Japanese ver., credit to Project Nemo]

An alert has arisen at a Neucom nanotechnology lab!

Experimental nanobytes deployed in large amounts for construction work have begun to go on a rampage for reasons unknown.

Even at present, they continue to multiply; it is an extremely dangerous situation.

The targets must be dealt with immediately, but the targets, nanobytes, are microscopic and invisible to the eye.

Detect them with the radar, and drop the nanobyte neutralizer ANB - exterminate them.

Mission script



Erich Jager: Sending nanobyte positions. Face the points and launch the ANB at them!

[The trio proceeds forward, only to find a massive ellipsoid-shaped nanobyte colony in the ground. The team proceeds with the nanobyte extermination. Minutes later, all nanobyte clusters in the immediate area have disappeared from radar.]


[The camera goes into the sky of Chopinburg, following Rena's Su-37R. The game goes into an animated cutscene; the POV switches to Erich's HUD, who watches as Rena descends into a nanobyte colony.]

Erich: Rena! Stop! You've gotten too close!

[The scene goes into a distant shot of Rena flying above the colony. It then shifts into Rena's cockpit. The camera rocks as Rena shakes erratically, with an obvious expression of pain on her face. She opens her right eye to watch her HUD, and the camera switches POV accordingly. We can see a life support system with an orange render of Rena and her Flanker. Both renders begin to change into brown. The camera returns to Rena, who opens her eyes in pure shock, as she whimpers in fear, seat rolling down her face. Back to the HUD, the background goes yellow as both life renders are almost entirely brown. The pilot integrity percent at the left quickly rises from 70% through 90% as the camera zooms in. Cut to Rena, she closes her eyes in pain, whimpering all the while.]

Rena: MY MIND...!

[The camera cuts from Rena's face to her right hand, as she continues whimpering, now clearly on the verge of crying.]

Rena: (horrified) STAY OUT!!

[The camera goes black with an static sound. Return to in-game.]

[The camera follows Rena, now away from the nanobyte colony.]

Rena: My head...! S-stop iiit!

Erich: Rena is in danger of being eroded by the nanobytes! Quickly! Use the ANB on her jet!

[Fade to black. Return to gameplay.]

[Nemo aligns with Rena's Flanker-R and launches an ANB, which lands right on the target. The music goes silent as the remaining nanobytes die. Mission accomplished.]

Rena: (weak, relieved voice) Th...thank you...


Mission Failure

[The emergency sirens on Rena's Flanker rings as the jet goes on a collision course with the Nanobyte colony.]

Rena: My...... my, body.

Erich: Rena!, RENAAA!

[Rena's Flanker crashes with the colony and the screen fades to white. Then the Retry menu appears.]


  • Bug Hunt is notable for being the first moment in the series where the player is required to drop a bomb on an aircraft, as well as the only occasion where it is actually necessary.


  • Electrosphere
  • Project Nemo (translation)


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