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The C-1 Trader aircraft is a Carrier-Onboard-Delivery (COD) transport plane developed by Northtrop Grumman.


The C-1 was used mostly as a transport plane during its service life. Former Belkan ace Wolfgang Buchner was known to have used the Trader during his time at Sand Island Air Force Base as a mechanic of the 703rd Maintenance Company.[1]

At the beginning of the Circum-Pacific War, Buchner, who was called "Pops" at the time, flew the C-1 during Yuktobania's failed offensive on Sand Island and returned to base the next morning.[2] During Operation Crossroad, a single YAF C-1 was stolen by Jack Bartlett to bring the recently-freed prime minister of Yuktobania Seryozha Viktrovich Nikanor to safety from the military government.[3]



  • The C-1 is the only aircraft in Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War that is referred to by its designation in dialogue. During Heartbreak One, when Bartlett is taxiing down the runway, a Yuktobanian soldier may say, "C-1 moving towards the runway.".


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