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"It's like a mirror. Like it's giving us a good look into the Estovakian soul."

Chandelier is the final mission of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation.


I'll be relaying orders to you. We have received preliminary results from the tests regarding the recent missile attack. We've spotted a potential launch area for that second cruise missile shot at Gracemeria. It most likely came from a facility in the northern sea of Estovakia -- somewhere in the vicinity of Sonne Island. About 15 years ago... The Ulysses collision brought about a state of misery and fear unprecedented in modern history. Nations worldwide took their own measures on how to deal with the impending crisis posed by meteors if they were to hit the earth. The Estovakians had developed a giant rail gun for the purpose of intercepting those meteors, but for some reason they stopped short of bringing it to fruition, and soon after, meteors had fallen on many nations -- Estovakia among them. There is not much intelligence available concerning this giant rail gun, and nothing of it has been made public since the prototype. Some from the Emmerian Ministry of Science and Technology were concerned about the potential dangers of the meteor interception system used as a weapon of war. As crisis loomed, the nations banded together and decided to prohibit any further development of the meteor interception system. Although the technology was being developed for peaceful purposes, the potential for evil was far too great[1] a risk to take. Emmeria cannot be at peace until the threat of cruise missiles has been completely eliminated. You've been assigned to investigate an area just north of Sonne Island. Destroy any cruise missiles found and their facilities. If you happen to encounter any threatening objects, move into attack formation immediately. Blow the hell out of all targets. It's time to put an end to this tragic period in our history, which has emerged as a result of the Ulysses incident.



Mission Update 1

Mission Update 2

Mission Update 3

S Rank

Ace Unit

  • Korol - enters Chandelier's runway as the barrel opens with two escorts


  1. The English subtitles incorrectly state "far too great of".