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Credits is the currency in many Ace Combat games and is present since Air Combat in 1995.

Credits can be used to purchase aircraft, special weapons, and other materials in the games' Hangar. In most cases they are earned by completing missions. Games such as Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere, Ace Combat Advance, and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon do not feature a currency system, hence do not require the player to purchase new aircraft upon unlocking them; however, in the case of the third game, a points system similar to credits is featured to purchase skills sets.

Ace Combat Infinity


A pile of credits

Big Fat Pile of Credits

A large pile of credits

In Ace Combat Infinity, credits are used for the following:
  • Purchasing new aircraft and parts
  • Upgrading aircraft and special weapons
  • Equipping parts in aircraft sets
  • Changing skins, emblems and datalink effects in aircraft sets
  • Retrying campaign missions (if Campaign Unlimited Sortie Ticket has not been purchased)
  • Emergency repair in online co-op missions

Credits can be earned from the following:

Payouts after online co-op missions and team deathmatches can be increased with Forced Sorties and the effect of Elite Mercenary Contracts.

The maximum amount a player can hold was 99,999,999 credits,[1] however this limit was increased as of version 2.04 update.[2]


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