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Crow Team was a mercenary fighter squadron assigned to the Ustio Air Force's 6th Air Division at Valais Air Base. Crow Team was comprised of three members.

During the Belkan War, Crow Team was eventually assigned to support Galm Team following multiple losses to Excalibur. After Larry Foulke deserted Galm Team, Crow 3—Patrick James Beckett—replaced him as Galm 2.


Crow Team was formed in, or prior to, December 1994. Patrick James Beckett, nicknamed "PJ", joined the squadron that month.[1]

The squadron is assumed to have seen combat during the early stages of the Belkan War, as the 6th Air Division was largely responsible for early Allied Forces victories. On May 23, 1995, following numerous Allied losses during Operations Hell Bound and Dynamo, Crow Team was reassigned to directly support Galm Team during the squadron's attack on Excalibur.[2]

Five days later, Crow Team joined Galm Team and other Allied squadrons in a massive aerial battle in Area B7R.[3] The squadron also supported Osean bombers in the bombing of Hoffnung.[4]

On June 6, Crow Team joined Galm Team again in an attempt to relieve Allied ground troops in Sudentor when both squadrons came across a Belkan bomber squadron carrying nuclear weapons. They were directed to shoot down the bombers, but the nuclear weapons detonated regardless. Crow Team immediately retreated from the area, and Larry Foulke deserted Galm Team, forcing Cipher to shoot down Belkan reinforcements in the area.[5]

A week later, Beckett was reassigned to Galm Team as Cipher's wingman.[6] Crow 1's and Crow 2's fates are unknown.



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