All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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"This is Commander Windhover of the 15th Squadron. The enemy is expanding its field of attack. Stay alert."
― Daniel Pollini

Commander Daniel "Windhover" Pollini (ダニエル "チョウゲンボウ"ポリーニ Danieru" Chōgenbō" Porīni) is the flight lead of the 15th Fighter Squadron of the Republic of Emmeria Air Force. Daniel & his team were part of the defense force during the invasion of Gracemeria, and were forced to retreat due to their tremendous military disadvantage. Ever since, Windhover has worked together with the Garuda Team in a number of important operations. His primary aircraft is an F-16C Fighting Falcon with his squadron's unique paint scheme, distinguished from his squadron mates by a black marking surrounding the canopy.

The paint scheme for the plane is currently available in the Xbox Live Marketplace for Ace Combat 6. It returns in Ace Combat X2: Joint Assault as an unlockable paint scheme.


Windhover inside of his fighter

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