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Header of version 3.2.2.

Data Swallow (データスワロー Dēta Suwarō) is a computer operating system manufactured by General Resource Limited. First released in 2032, Data Swallow quickly became the world's standard computer OS. Data Swallow functions by directly connecting to the electrosphere, granting users complete access to all sorts of information. Version 3.2.2, Data Swallow's latest version, was released in 2040.[1]

Applications and Uses

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As an operative system, Data Swallow has several integrated applications.


Peek-A-Boom! is an application included in the OS from version 3.0.1. and later, which allows one to search information. When a search term is entered, Data Swallow searches said term in the Electrosphere, and any relevant information is displayed in image form to the user.

Text Broadcasting

Text Broadcasting was one of the features included in the original Data Swallow when it was announced in 2032.


The Neucom Visual System.


The General Broadcasting System.


The Euro-Asia Public Network. Established in 2003, it is USEA's government-operated broadcast system.




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