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Delarus is a small country located somewhere in northern Usea; the exact location of Delarus and the nation(s) it borders, however, are never specified.


Second Usean Continental War

Delarus Town

A building in Delarus, flying the ISAF's "Three Arrowheads" flag

Delarus was involved to an unknown extent in the Second Usean Continental War; it is unclear whether the nation allied itself with the Federal Republic of Erusea, the Independent States Allied Forces or remained neutral. Regardless of its allegiance, fighting between the ISAF and Erusea eventually spilled over into the country, and by early 2004, Delarus had been occupied by the latter.[1]

Post-continental war

In November 2005, Osean Broadcasting Corporation reporter Brett Thompson traveled to an unnamed border town in Delarus to interview former mercenary Larry Foulke as part of the documentary Warriors and the Belkan War.

The circumstances surrounding the border dispute are currently unknown. However, it can be surmised that the ISAF was somehow involved due to the presence of an ISAF flag flying over the town in which Foulke was interviewed. [2]


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