Destroy Pipe-Lines is the 5th mission of Air Combat. In this mission, the player is sent to a mission to raze an insurgent crude oil refinery located in an unnamed desert.

Mission briefing

"Reconnaissance indicates a weak link in their fuel supply infrastructure. A single pipeline transfers all crude oil from their fields to their refinery. Strike both the pipeline and the refinery. Target: Oil refinery plant and oil field. Use the pipeline as a reference to the refinery. Locate and destroy. Good luck!"



  • 14x Ground - $1,600,000


  • 2x F-14 (Veteran) - $40,000
  • 2x F-15 (4 on Hard)- $80,000
  • 2x TNDF-2 (4 on Hard)- $60,000
  • 2x AV-8 - $60,000
  • 6 x Ground (16 on Hard)



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