Dinsmark is the capital and administrative center of the Principality of Belka. The city is located in Belka's historic birthplace, "Nord Belka", east of Anfang.

Dinsmark possesses a rich cultural history dating back to the ancient Belkan Empire; it is the site of numerous landmarks and historic buildings, as well as the University of Dinsmark.


Early history

The exact date of Dinsmark's founding remains unknown, as is the point at which it became the capital of Belka. However, the city's relation to Belka's imperial heritage, as well as its location within Nord Belka, indicate that Dinsmark may predate the 18th or 19th centuries. During the height of the Belkan Empire, Dinsmark and Nord Belka were protected by the Empire's vast territorial holdings.

Economic and political upheaval

By the 1980s, the Belkan Federation—which had succeeded the Empire—was in a state of economic turmoil. Belka's representative government, seated in Dinsmark, consequently fell under the control of a radical right-wing party, which aimed to restore Belka to its former glory. Dinsmark became the site of numerous military parades marked by ostentatious displays of the nation's technological might.[1]

Belkan War era

Main article: Belkan War

Throughout the duration of the Belkan War, Dinsmark's strategic northern location isolated the capital from the intense fighting along Belka's western and southern defense lines. Although the Allied Forces had begun preparing an invasion of Nord Belka, the nuclear detonations of June 6, 1995 ensured that the Allies never reached Dinsmark.[2] Despite undergoing considerable changes to its political structure in the wake of Belka's defeat, Dinsmark remained the nation's capital into the 21st century.[3]




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