"Dragon Busters, roger. It's time to get close and personal!"
Andrew Gallagher, before raiding the Stovie HQ in Silvat

The Emmerian Army 2nd Corps 2nd Brigade 6th Tank Battalion, commonly known as the Dragon Busters, is an Emmerian armor battalion which participated in the Emmeria-Estovakia War. The team is lead by commander Andrew Gallagher.


Emmeria-Estovakia War

Following the Estovakian takeover of the capital city of Gracemeria in August 2015, the Dragon Busters Battalion retreated to Khesed Island, like the rest of the surviving Emmerian forces, and were stationed at Silvat Town.

In January 2016, the Estovakian military raided Silvat, which resulted in massive losses for the military, Dragon Busters amidst them. Thanks to the assistance of the aircraft commanded by the 28th TFS Garuda, the Estovakian forces were driven back to their field HQ, ready for retreat; however, they were completely destroyed before they could stage a withdrawal.

Ever since Silvat, the battalion would become a symbol of Emmeria's freedom, and one of Garuda's greatest allies. The battalion's crowning moment, however, wouldn't come until March 31, 2016, day where the final battle for Emmeria's freedom would be fought, their objective being the recapture of the city's capitol, located in central.


"Part of our team is mopping up whatever is left inside the capitol. It'll be ours again before you know it."
― Dragon Busters upon the recapture of the Novusmeria capitol.
"Dragon Busters roger, time to get close and personal!"
― Dragon Busters while counter-attacking at Silvat Town.


  • The battalion's name comes from Namco's arcade game Dragon Buster, released in 1984.


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