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The EA-6B Prowler is a four-seater jammer variant of the A-6E Intruder attack aircraft. While visually similar to the A-6E, the EA-6B is dedicated to jamming operations. However, it can also operate in air-to-ground operations.



The Prowler had seen limited use in the Strangereal universe.

The Prowler was known to see combat in the Belkan War[1], with Schnee 5 reportedly providing ECM support for Schnee Squadron as a notable example.[2]

In the Circum-Pacific War, a single Prowler, operated by the Yuktobanian Air Force, saw action during the Osean Air Defense Force' Operation Hammerblow.[3]

Infinity universe

During the United Nations Forces' Operation Eternal Liberation, the EA-6B Prowler was made available as a multirole aircraft for UNF pilots to use.

Game Analysis


  • In Ace Combat Infinity, the Schnee skin icon was incorrectly used as the icon for Event Skin #01; this was later corrected.[4]


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