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The Emmerian 2nd Fleet was a naval fleet of the Republic of Emmeria Navy during the Emmeria-Estovakia War. At the start of the war, the 2nd Fleet took heavy losses along with the rest of the Emmerian forces, but managed to retreat to safety, ferrying troops to Khesed Island. The fleet later participated in the counterattack against Estovakia.

2015- the Emmeria-Estovakia War

The Emmerian 2nd Fleet, under the nominal command of Kenneth Jones, captain of the heavy cruiser Marigold, was hit hard in the opening days of the war by Estovakia's blitz attack, being forced back to the western coast of Anea, where they were under heavy fire, they transported most of Emmeria's remaining forces to Khesed Island. The fleet's activities during the Khesed counterattack are mostly unknown, though it can be presumed the fleet was patrolling the coast of Khesed.

When the Emmerians launched a landing operation on the western coast of Anea, the 2nd Fleet was there, leading a naval attack against the Estovakian battle group positioned in front of the oil facilities in the area, as well as some shore positions behind the facilities. They succeeded with the aid of the famous Garuda Team, and successfully survived the Estovakian counterattack as well. They continued to keep the Estovakian battle group pinned down, and after the Nimbus missile attack on the Emmerian military near the Selumna Peaks, they participated in an assault on the occupied city of San Loma, with the objective of seizing Cavillia Air Force Base there. They defeated the Estovakian South Seas Fleet assembled in front of San Loma with some support from Garuda Team, and then bombarded the remaining defenses of San Loma, helping capture the city.

The 2nd Fleet made one last notable appearance in the war, during the Liberation of Gracemeria. The 2nd Fleet engaged the Estovakian South Seas Fleet once again, first engaging them outside the bay with the aid of Garuda Team, then, after defeating the forces outside the bay, they pressed into the bay itself, where the South Seas Fleet made its final stand. The 2nd Fleet, after some hard fighting, and with the aid of Garuda Team, managed to wipe out the South Seas Fleet for good, and they commenced bombardment of the coastal positions immediately and provide ESM support for the allied fighters.

They were presumably still intact at the end of the war.

Fleet Units

The 2nd Fleet consists of at least four Kirov Class battlecruisers, one Ticonderoga Class cruiser (Labelled as Aegis), eight Cassard Class frigates (Labeled as destroyers), one Nimitz class aircraft carrier (the one on which the player lands for resupplying when he is piloting a carrier-based fighter), four Whidbey Island class dock landing ships (present only during the landing on Ortara), several Landing Craft Air Cushions and Gun Boats.


This Kirov class battlecruiser is the flagship of the 2nd Fleet, and after some distinguished service, survived the war intact.


A Cassard class destoyer in the 2nd fleet that assisted the Marigold in levels 1, 5, 8, and 13.


Another Cassard class destroyer who assists Captain Ford in San Loma Assault also sustaining heavy damage.


Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

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