The Emmerian Independence Radio is a clandestinely operated radio, heard in some occasions of the Anean Continental War.

DJ Zed

The radio was directed by DJ Zed Waters, who was known was a popular DJ working for an unknown radio of Gracemeria prior to the surprise Estovakian strike. After being ousted from his office by the Estovakians, he commenced the EIR operations aboard his mobile radio station, the Freedom Fighter (see below.)

Activities of the EIR

The Emmerian Independence Radio's activities were boosting the morale of the Emmerian troops fighting on the western-most sector on the Anean continent (and keeping the local populace updated of their advance into the mainland) and the spreading of anti-Stovie propaganda, done by hijacking the then-Estovakian occupied airwaves-- of note, Zed was notorious for crashing live enemy transmissions with the hijacks, often taunting the broadcaster in the process.

The Freedom Fighter

The Freedom Fighter is a transport that also doubles as a mobile broadcasting station; this Zed's transmission point while his studio was taken over. While never seen during the story, it is occasionally mentioned by Zed.

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