The Emmerian Partisans are a group of insurgents of unknown scale that was formed at some point during the Emmeria-Estovakia War.


As Melissa Herman & Ludmila Tolstaya were driving down a road in the vicinities of San Loma on their way to the capital Gracemeria, they were pulled over by the partisans. After being forced out and hold at gunpoint to identify, it was only several seconds later until a hail of gunfire from the sky came & nearly hit the group. Taking this opportunity, the couple got in their vehicle & began driving away, nearly hitting a rebel in the process, heading right into the nearby field. While the gunner began firing wildly at the Estovakian A-10A Thunderbolt II overhead, it was only a few seconds later before they were all killed by the A-10's cannon fire.

After the beginning of the assault on San Loma, the Estovakian Air Command sent out an order for all aircraft involved in the partisan sweep to help defend San Loma. [1]


  1. Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

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