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Erusea, officially known as the Kingdom of Erusea,[1] is a large nation located in the Usean continent's westernmost reaches. Although currently unspecified, Erusea is known to share borders with Amber, Ugellas, Delarus, and (possibly) San Salvacion. Its capital, Farbanti, is located on the coast of Usea's westernmost peninsula near the Spring Sea.

Formerly the Federal Republic of Erusea[2] or Erusean [sic] Republic,[3] the nation was known for its industrialism, militarism, and advancements in engineering and aeronautic technologies. It was severely affected by the impact of Ulysses 1994XF04 in 1999. By mid-2003, tensions between Erusea and the other Usean nations escalated into open war, in which Erusea was soundly defeated.

Sometime after the fall of Erusea's military regime, the nation reformed into a kingdom. Following the construction of the Lighthouse, the country declared war on the Osean Federation for unknown reasons.[1]



Information about Erusea prior to the turn of the century is scarce. However, Erusea possessed considerable military and industrial power, and its capital, Farbanti, was a major economic center on the west coast of Usea. During the 1990s, Erusea maintained hostile relations with the Federation of Central Usea (FCU), a regional superpower whose troops were deployed along the Amber-Ugellas border in a tense standoff with Erusian forces.[4]

Upon the announcement of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid's approach, the FCU recalled its forces and began discussing defensive strategies with other countries, including Erusea.[4] To prevent total destruction of the Usean continent, several nations banded together to construct the Stonehenge Turret Network, an array of eight railgun cannons capable of destroying any incoming extraterrestrial objects. Erusea partially contributed to Stonehenge's construction effort.[4]

Usean Continental War

Main article: Usean Continental War

The first continental war in 1998 resulted in a loss of Erusian territory to the rebel forces and the defection of multiple Erusian military personnel, including Albireo Squadron. However, Erusea became one of the first countries to be liberated from rebel control following the Allied Forces' commencement of Operation: Fighter's Honor.[3]

Ulysses planetfall

Farbanti Crater High-Res

A view of the impact site that wiped out the Erusian capital's municipal district

Main article: Ulysses 1994XF04

When Ulysses made planetfall on July 3, 1999, the STN site was complete and operational. However, the asteroid fragmented into thousands of smaller meteorites—far too many for Stonehenge to eliminate. More than 500,000 innocent people perished as a result of the planetfall,[5] and approximately one million more were displaced as refugees.[6] Erusea's capital, Farbanti, suffered a direct hit, which flooded the city's municipal district and killed a large number of civilians.[6][7]


Ulysses aftermath

Main article: Usean Refugee Dispute

In the aftermath of the Ulysses disaster, the Usean nations struggled to rebuild and simultaneously handle the humanitarian relief efforts. To address this, each nation agreed to admit a set quota of refugees to expedite the recovery efforts. Erusea, however, had been greatly effected by Ulysses: the asteroid caused extensive damage to the nation's economy and infrastructure, and the xenophobic government now found itself overwhelmed by the influx of refugees from neighboring countries.[6]

In April 2000, Erusea began restricting the issuing of visas to foreigners, effectively barring entry to any more refugees and inciting an uproar among the international community. An estimated 600,000 people were confined to makeshift refugee camps along the Erusian border, which soon became hotbeds for disease and starvation.[6]

Many Useans boycotted Erusian products in protest of Erusea's actions, and the Central Usea Treaty Organization (UTO) levied trade sanctions against Erusian exports. These sanctions placed considerable pressure on the nation's already unstable economy, further escalating diplomatic tensions and fueling Erusea's resentment of the other Usean nations.[6]

Second Usean Continental War

Main article: Second Usean Continental War

Sometime around August 23, 2003, the Erusian military launched a blitz invasion of San Salvacion and commandeered the Stonehenge Turret Network. In short order, the entire nation of San Salvacion fell under Erusea's control.[8] The FCU called for the immediate withdrawal of all Erusian troops and threatened retaliatory action by an FCU-led coalition force if Erusea did not back out by September 14.[9] In response to Erusea's transgressions, the UTO joined forces with the FCU to form the Independent State Allied Forces (ISAF).[10]

At the outbreak of the Second Usean Continental War, Erusian forces advanced eastward, using the STN to gain air superiority over Usea and force the ISAF to retreat from the mainland. After several attempts and subsequent failures to destroy the new ISAF GHQ at North Point, Erusea's forces were pushed back and lost the STN facility when it was destroyed by ISAF ace Mobius 1.[11] Ultimately, the Erusian forces capitulated after their capital was captured by the ISAF on September 19, 2005.[7] However, a group of young Erusian officers took control of a new superweapon, Megalith—a missile launch facility intended to shoot down orbiting asteroid fragments. The Erusians attempted to use Megalith in a retaliatory strike on the victorious ISAF, but were stopped by the newly expanded Mobius Squadron on September 26, 2005.[12]


Operation Katina

Main article: Operation Katina

As the new Erusian government was being established, a group of Federal Erusea Air Force officers (calling themselves "Free Erusea") organized an insurrection against the interim government and ISAF observers. After multiple engagements, however, the rebellion was quashed through the efforts of Mobius 1. During the final engagement with Free Erusea, a squadron of experimental X-02 Wyverns engaged Mobius 1 over White Valley Bay. The X-02 technology was later acquired by the ISAF and officially named the "Wyvern"; it was then exported to its first buyer on the Osean continent.[13]

Osea-Erusea Conflict

Main article: Osea-Erusea Conflict

At some point after the Free Erusea uprising, Erusea reformed into a Kingdom and declared war against the Osean Federation for, as of yet, unknown reasons.[1]


Political structure

Up until its defeat in the second continental war, Erusea was a federal republic. The nation appears to have lived under a military-oriented government that was headed by a Supreme Commander.[14] Although unknown, it is possible that the national government had some form of representative legislature at this time. Following Erusea's surrender and the elimination of its military leadership, the nation underwent a rebuilding period. During this time, Erusea formed a provisional government under the ISAF's supervision.[13] At some point after the reconstruction period, the ISAF withdrew, and Erusea established a new monarchical government.[1]

Armed forces

Erusea's military is regarded as one of the most well-outfitted and technologically advanced forces on the Usean continent. Its air force boasts a number of highly skilled aces, and the pride of its navy, the Aegir Fleet, was once regarded as being "invincible". Erusea's military branches consist of the Federal Erusian Army, Federal Erusian Navy, and Federal Erusea Air Force.



  • The Erusian roundel appears as a sponsor-logo in the Ridge Racer series.


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