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The Estovakian Air Force (EAF)[1] is the aviation service branch of the armed forces of Estovakia.


Before the Ulysses 1994XF04 Asteroid collisions, the Estovakian Air Force originally operated solely for national defense. After the asteroid hit, Estovakia gradually fell into ruin, fed by economic and political crisis. After a vicious civil war, the government came under a military dictatorship, and these "Generals" later declared war on the Republic of Emmeria. The Estovakian air force had a great build up before the invasion.


As with the rest of the Estovakian military, with the exception of the Navy, the Air Force of Estovakia was divided into a series of military "precincts", whose order included aircraft in the form of aviation regiments. The Central Precinct, commanded by military junta member and Eastern Faction leader Gustav Dvornik, held the most importance among them.

Central Forces Precinct

  • 1st Aviation Regiment
    • 1st Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 3rd Aviation Regiment
    • 12th Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 10th Aviation Regiment
    • 1st Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 60th Aviation Regiment
    • 5th Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 80th Aviation Regiment
    • 3rd Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 87th Aviation Regiment
    • 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Rytsary"
  • 98th Aviation Regiment
    • 76th Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 120th Aviation Regiment
    • 1st Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 124th Aviation Regiment
    • 8th Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 370th Aviation Regiment

Southern Forces Precinct

Other Squadrons

List of EAF Aircraft

Estovakian Aerial Fleet

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  • Despite that Estovakia seems to be most influenced by its southern neighbor, Yuktobania, it only has two Soviet/Russian built aircraft in service (Su-33, Su-47). One might expect its air force to be predominantly composed of Eastern Bloc aircraft, instead of US/NATO aircraft.


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