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The Estovakian Navy is a branch of the Estovakian military. It served in many battles throughout the Emmeria-Estovakia War, majority of the Navy ships was destroyed by the Emmerian aces Garuda Team throughout the war.

The Navy consisted of several fleets stationed across various locations in Estovakia and the occupied ports of Emmeria, it is equipped with at least two Carrier Battle Groups, one being taking part in the Invasion of Gracemeria and the other in Operation Free Gracemeria.

Estovakian Navy South Sea Fleet

3rd Carrier Air Wing

The 3rd Carrier Air Wing took part in all four of the 'King and Balloon' operations resulting in the complete take-over of the Emmerian Capital of Gracemeria. Near the close of the war, the 3rd Carrier Air Wing was assigned with the task of the defense of Gracemeria, tasked with providing air superiority support. Its wareabouts after the war are unknown, though it's thought to have been annihilated during the battle.



Aircraft Carriers

x1 Nimitz-class Aircraft Carrier


x1 Iowa-class battleship


x5 Kirov-class Cruiser



Missile Boats

x4 Missile Boat