All right, gentlemen, it's time to clean house!
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Expo City is one of the largest cities on the Usean Continent. The shape of the city's buildings is a sign of this, since their structure is different from those of the 'traditional' city. The best examples of this being the Circular Buildings and the large Bridge which serves as a means to cross a large waterway, but also support multiple buildings.


Expo City is the locations of the UPEO Headquarter Facilities, along with a UPEO operated Air Base. The Air Base has a large above ground Runway, but also has a massive underground area, which holds Hangar Facilities and other vital Air Traffic Control Facilities. The underground area can be protected by two large blast doors, capable of with standing any conventional and probably Nuclear attacks.

During the turbulent 2040s, Expo City became the site of much conflict. Neucom Inc began to vector large Air Transport Groups, escorted by their Neucom Emergency Unit (NEU), over Expo City. Despite multiple warnings from both General Resource LTD and the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization (UPEO), the flights continued. At one point, the GRDF and NEU actually engaged one another over Expo City. The small battle resulted in damage to the city and the loss of civilian life. The UPEO and the Neo-United Nations (NUN) placed no fly-zones around Expo City and began to patrol the city themselves, but these Neucom Transport flights continued.

In the early days 2040, the UPEO finally shot down an entire Neucom Transport Group with their escorts, as they passed over Expo City. Neucom Inc. then declared war on General Resource and denounced the UPEO, calling them "puppets of General Resource". During the Usean Corporate War (Ace Combat 3), Expo City had seen much combat within its skies. Combat had broken out during the dead of night and the middle of the day, time and time again. Throughout the entire war, Expo City was damaged multiple times.


  • The architecture and design of Expo City could be inspired by the cities and buildings of the Venus Project.