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The F-1 is a ground attack aircraft.



The F-1 saw limited use in the Strangereal world.

The F-1 was used in the Belkan War by the Belkan Air Force. A notable pilot was Daniel Bierofka, callsign Wetterhahn.

During the Aurelian War, a single F-1 was operated by the Leasath Air Force, this was the pilot Shiva. Aurelian Air Force pilot Rick also kept a spare F-1.

Joint Assault universe

During the Valahia Crisis, Antares Squadron has access to the aircraft.

Game Analysis

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Ace Combat: Joint Assault

How to Unlock



  • Color 1:
  • Color 2:
  • Color 3:
  • Color 4:
  • Color 5: JASDF 50th Anniversary livery
  • Color 6:


Ace Combat X: Skies of Incursion

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

F-1 (Aurelia)

How to Unlock

Complete Skies of Deception twice. Costs 10,300


ACEX Statistics F-1


Named Aces

  • Gryphus 2
  • Shiva - Found in Captive City. Spawns to the west after destroying the first cluster of targets and the fighter formation above the complex.


  • Aurelia:
  • Leasath:
  • Special 1:
  • Special 2:


Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War

"A variant of a training aircraft, this attack aircraft was developed as an air-to-ground and air-to-ship fighter. Its outdated design lags behind that of current fighter aircraft."
Hangar menu description

How to Unlock

The F-1 is automatically unlocked and available for use at the start of the game.


Speed: 45
Mobility: 30
Stability: 46
Defense: 40
Air-to-Air: 17
Air-to-Ground: 60

Special Weapons


  • Standard: Desert green and brown camouflage
  • Mercenary: Gray desert camouflage pattern
  • Soldier: Solid gray paint
  • Knight: Gray and green camouflage
  • Special: Turquoise body with black spots in the belly, nose and canopy sections

Named Pilots



  • Color 5 (C05) in ACJA is replica one F-1 from 6th Squadron (Hikotai). In 2004, F-1 00-8235 was painted in these markings to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the JASDF (Japan Air Self-Defense Force).


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